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Hiring of Foreign Faculty (For one year or more)

In a nutshell, through the Faculty Hiring Program, HEC aspires to bring a positive change in the culture of higher education institutions in all domains of academic activities including development of infrastructure, academic standards, curriculum, knowledge dissemination through refined teaching / examination / grading methodologies, industry-academia linkage, international collaborative research and fine supervisory acumen which results in creation of knowledge. There has been considerable progress in the targeted areas due to the faculty hiring Programs.

The Program will generate linkages between local and foreign institutions, encouraging long-term sustainable scientific collaborations. Foreign faculty members will be expected to supervise world class graduate level research and deliver cutting-edge graduate level courses in their academic disciplines.



The goal of this program is to hire 300 foreign faculty members each year for the next 5 years to fill the vast gap of qualified research academics and Ph.D. supervisors in the higher education sector in Pakistan. Foreign faculty members, who will bring tremendous wealth of knowledge and research experience, will be expected to impart a modern and progressive outlook to research-based academic programmes in Pakistani universities, and would set norms of international academic standards to be emulated by their local colleagues. Furthermore, the project will generate linkages between local and foreign institutions, encouraging long-term sustainable scientific collaborations.

Foreign faculty members will be expected to supervise world-class graduate level research and deliver cutting-edge graduate level courses in their academic disciplines. HEC will ensure the provision of funds for supporting graduate students and associated research expenses. In the long-term, the goal is to uplift the graduate programs in Pakistani universities and bring them up to international standards.




Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum 5 year post doctorate experience of working abroad in a reputable academic and/or research & development institution.
  • The applicant may be a foreign national or an expatriate Pakistani who is permanently settled abroad and also maintaining his position in parent institution abroad.
  • Faculty members hired under this program are expected to have excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Special waiver of PhD Degree shall be granted to the applicants belonging to clinical medical sciences disciplines, who hold terminal degree of FRCP, FRCS (UK) or Diplomat American Board and the same applies to Professionals of Fine Arts, Theatre Practice, Law, Architecture, with the condition that the prospective candidates must have served as faculty members in a recognized Foreign University.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) will be required from those who had served under government institutions/organizations.
  • In addition to that those who are on ex-Pakistan leave from their parent institution are not eligible for the said program

Additional Criterion 

Extensively involved in research and have at least 2 publications(Preferably with impact factor) in last five year in refereed journals. To attract foreign faculty members, a comprehensive package has been announced in addition to the various   mechanisms already available for procuring research grants, research infrastructure and such other benefits from the HEC.  



Minimum Post Ph.D. Teaching &/or Research Experience

      Salary Range

Foreign Professor FP-I


12 years

PAK Rs.181,000 -253,750

Foreign Professor FP-II


08 years

PAK Rs.118,750 -201,750

Foreign Professor FP-III


05 years

PAK Rs. 72,250 -129,250

The consolidated salary package for a foreign faculty hired under this program ranges from Pak Rs 80,000 to Pak Rs. 245, 000 per month. 


  • The designated slots for hiring in “Chemistry” discipline have been filled under FFHP; therefore applicants related to the field of chemistry are requested to apply only if they hold exceptional research expertise to introduce new research methodologies/techniques in the said field. 
  • Applications routed through the Higher Education Institutes will be preferred due to limited available funds and restricted number of remaining slots under FFHP.
  • Applicants less than 60 years of age will be preferred.


How to Apply

Note:  Planning & Development Division have issued the notification that no further induction of faculty member under the Foreign Faculty Hiring Program (FFHP) with effect from 30 June, 2011. However, those who would like to serve in Pakistani HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) can apply for the Short Term Foreign Faculty Hiring Program (SFHP) for a period of one semester (3 to 4-1/2 months). For further information about the SFHP program, please visit following website "http://www.hec.gov.pk/InsideHEC/Divisions/HRD/FacultyHiringPrograms/STFFHP/Pages/MainPage.aspx

           In order to make the entire application process easy and hassle-free for the foreign applicants, a devoted project management unit has been set up at the HEC to oversee day-to-day details and facilitate communications. Applications will be received on a rolling basis and will be reviewed by a reviewing committee constituted of reputable senior faculty member of Pakistani universities. We respect and appreciate the time and energy spent by applicants to this programme, and hence to clarify, a sketch of the process from beginning to end is given below in a schematic format:

Step 1:  Preliminary review of the application. (2-3 Days)

Step 2:  Request letters to be sent to the provided Referees of the applicant. (1 Day)

Step 3Recommendations from Referees. (2-3 weeks)

Step 4:
  Case send to Peer Review Committee for evaluation after receiving
            the referee’s
recommendations. (7-15 Days)

Step 5:  Case will be presented to Executive Committee of FFHP at HEC for
            final  approval. (Committee members meet once a month)

Step 6:  Offer letter will be sent to the selected candidate with terms and conditions.

You can apply to the foreign faculty hiring programme in either of the following two ways (please note that no application will be considered complete without a detailed curriculum vitae/Resume): 

By Mail : You can apply by downloading the application form

Download Application Form in Doc Format

Download Application Form in PDF Format



Other Related Information

Almost all Pakistani public sector universities are currently in dire need of foreign faculty for their graduate programmes. In 2003, HEC conducted a survey of all public sector universities and degree awarding institutions in Pakistan to assess their need of foreign qualified PhDs in their faculty.(This need assessment survey may please be used as a general guide only). The foreign faculty hiring programme is searching for qualified faculty in all academic disciplines for all Pakistani universities. Therefore, all interested candidates who are qualified for the same may apply.

A list of all public sector universities and degree granting institutions of Pakistan, their contact persons, and a small brief on their research programmes and facilities is given at this website. If you have any questions about Pakistani institutions and their graduate programs, please contact HEC. 
Click here to view the complete list of Pakistani Educational Institutes.

Foreign Professors have joined Public sector universities under FFHP

Foreign Professors have been selected under FFHP

Foreign Professors serving under FFHP

Foreign Professors served and left FFHP

Foreign Professors selected, but did not join

PLOT1: Discipline-wise Demand of Public Sector Universities for Foreign Faculty Received by HEC
(please use as a general guide only) 

PLOT2: Strength-wise Demand of Public Sector Universities for Foreign
Faculty Received by HEC
(please use as a general guide only)


Success Stories
Terms & Conditions





Teaching Load

Minimum 2 course (3 credit hours per semester) or maximum up to 3 Courses (6 credit hours per semester)


Research Load

To carry out research in their area of expertise / as per requirement of the host institution.


Publication / Papers

At least Two refereed research paper per year



Supervise the Graduate students of Masters and Doctorate level


Evaluation / Progress Report.

A quarterly performance report shall be sent to HEC on a Progress Report Performa


Extension of Contract

Extension of Contract will be initiated by host Institution based on further requirement of Foreign Professor with the consent of Foreign Professor


Leave entitlement


Casual / Annual

4 Weeks / Year

Medical Leave

15 Days


Medical Facility
(Insurance etc.)

HEC-through Medical Insurance on payment of monthly premium as per health insurance policy.


Other perks / facilities

Pick & drop may be provided through central transport system of host institution, if deemed necessary / availability of transport


Assignment to R & D work / consultancy on projects in other locations/

TA / DA admissible as per parent institution’s rules


Utilization as temporary visiting faculty to other organizations / institutions

On mutual / exchange program (of parent institution and / or host institution)


Right of private practice

Subject to approval of the host institution


Project / R & D

To acquire projects from outside – agencies (local / abroad) profit sharing as per host institution approved formula


Status / seniority of Foreign Professor

As per HEC policy


Non-performance of specific duty

Monetary penalty (to the extent of partial / full day salary) Penalty for habitual absence without leave

At A Glance
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Project Director,
Foreign Faculty Hiring Program,
Higher Education Commission,
Sector H-9, Islamabad, Pakistan
E-mail: foreignfaculty@hec.gov.pk

Website: http://www.hec.gov.pk


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