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Post Doctoral Fellowship Program

Universities in Pakistan in recent years have embarked on imparting education in critical areas to cope with the advanced technical manpower needs of the country in the 21st century. To achieve this objective, it is essential that the universities and other institutions of higher learning should not only be well equipped but staffed with highly qualified and experienced teachers. With these qualities they would be able to train more Ph.D.s with in the country. In view of this, it is essential to send our university teachers for post-doctoral research abroad to enable them to up-date their knowledge and skills in selective fields and specialization and new research projects.    



  • Capacity building of universities and R&D (S&T) organization by improving the quality of education and research and promoting cooperation with universities/ research centres abroad.

  • To provide an opportunity to active university teachers & researcher at public sector R&D organization holding  Ph.D. degrees to work in well equipped universities/ research laboratories of the World in the priority fields of engineering, social sciences , business education and Arts & Humanities to update their knowledge and skills and to interact with the researchers of the advanced countries; and to work in new/ emerging fields of education.
  • To acquire new technologies from advance countries and to explore possibilities and initiate collaborative research with the people of host institution and to develop linkage with those institution.
Eligibility & Selection Criteria


The Candidate must:


  • Hold a PhD Degree from an HEC recognized university.
  • Maximum 50 years of age on closing date.
  • Be a regular employee of HEC recognized Public/Private Sector Universities/DAIs or Public Sector R&D organization as identified by PCST.
  • Submit a clearly written research proposal, relevant to the current job that is recommended / endorsed by the authorized officer of respective organization.
  • Provide documentary evidence of placement in a reputed university / institute of any technologically advanced country of the world along with detailed CV of the host supervisor.
  • The host university must be listed in top 200 universities as per the latest QS World University Ranking. In case of placement in a Research Institute, it must be recognized and of international repute
  • Not have availed Post Doctoral Fellowship by HEC in the last five (05) years





Selection criteria for the Post Doctoral Fellowship covers the following parameters:


    • Research proposal and future prospects of the proposed research for the country would be reviewed by the subject experts in the relevant field.
    • Ranking of the host university as per the QS World University Ranking. The host university must be listed in top 200 universities as per the QS World University Ranking.In case of placement in a Research Institute, it must be recognized and of international repute.
    • Impact factor of the publications.
    • Relevence of host supervisor's Profile with the research proposal.
    • Number of years since award of PhD degree.
    • Applicants who have got the placement among Top 10 Universities (QS World University Ranking) of the world may be preferred provided they meet the other criteria.
    • Applicants, who are going for Post Doctorate Research to the same university /Institute from where they have completed their PhD, may be given less preference.
    • Applicants whose age would be closer to 50 years and have no additional chance for availing Post Doctoral fellowship may be given preference provided they fulfill the other criteria.
Selection Criteria


  All those applicants who fulfill the basic eligibility criteria would be considered for Post Doctoral Fellowship on the basis of following criteria:

  • Research proposal and its reference with the current research interest of the applicant and future needs of the country would be reviewed by the subject specialist, whose recommendation would be considered.
  • Ranking of the host university.
  • Impact factor of the publications.
  • Profile of the host supervisor.
  • Preference would be given to the applicants who have done their PhD from Pakistan.
  • Less preference would be given to the applicants who have completed their PhD recently.
  • Less preference would be given to the applicants who are going to the same laboratory /Institute from where they have done their PhD research/PhD.
  • Applicants whose age would be closer to 50 years and may not have any additional chance for availing Post Doctoral fellowship would be given preference provided they fulfill the above mentioned criteria.
Other Related Information

Subject Fields: 

The fellowships are offered under the following subjects classifications:

 Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences 

All subjects including

  • Agriculture

  • Plant culture

  • Forestry, horticulture 

  • Animal culture

  • Aquaculture. Fisheries;  

Biological & Medical Sciences

 Biology including:-

  • Evolution & genetics

  • Microbiology

  • Botanical sciences

  • Botany

  • Paleo-botany

  • Zoological sciences

  • Zoology

  • Paleo-zoolog

  • Marine Sciences (Biological Aspects)

  • Biological Anthropology

  • Biotechnology

 Medicine all subjects including:-

  •  Medicine

  •  Human anatomy, cytology, histology

  •  Human physiology

  •  Pathology

  •  Internal medicine

  •  Pharmacy, Pharmacology & therapeutics

 Medicine (Clinical) including:-

  •  Surgery & related medical specialties

  •  Gynecology related medical specialties

  •  Experimental medicine

  •  Ophthalmology

  •  Dermatology

  •  Pediatrics               

Public health including:-

  •  Promotion of health

  •  Incidence & prevention of disease

  •  Epidemiology

  •  Dentistry

  •  Pharmacology,

  •  Pharmacy

  •  Nursing

Physical Sciences:-

Physics all specialties including

  •  Mechanics

  •  Electricity & Electronics

  •  Modern physics

  •  Nuclear Physics

Chemistry all subjects including:-

  •  Biochemistry

  •  Analytical chemistry

  •  Crystallography


  • Astronomy & allied sciences

  • Earth (Astronomical geography)

  • Mathematical geography 

  • Astro-geology

  • Astro-physics

Earth, Atmosphere and Marine Sciences:-

  •  Earth sciences & Allied Sciences

  •  Geology, hydrology, meteorology

  •  Petrology, Mineralogy

  •  Economic geology

  •  Paleontology- Paleozoology, Paleobotany

  •  Oceanography



Computer Sciences & related disciplines:-

  •  Information Technology, Software Engineering

Engineering & Technology:-


Technology includes:-

  •   Management engineering

  •   Management information systems

  •   Ergonomics

  •   Technical & Vocational education

  •   Industrial research

Engineering including:-

  •    Industrial engineering

  •   Computer Engineering

  •   Civil engineering

  •   Bioengineering

  •   Systems engineering

  •   Environmental engineering

  •   Engineering economy

  •   Engineering meteorology

  •   Applied mechanics

  •   Acoustical engineering

  •   Structural engineering

  •   Engineering geology

  •   Transportation engineering

  •   Applied optics

  •    Photonics

  •    Plasma engineering

  •    Hydraulic engineering

  •    Environmental Engineering

  •    Mechanical engineering

  •    Electrical engineering

  •    Electronics

  •    Nuclear engineering

  •    Aeronautics

  •    Astronautics

  •    Mining engineering

  •    Metallurgy

Business Education:- 


Finance all subjects including:-

  •   Public Finance

  •   Banking

  •   Finance Management

  •   Commerce

Business Administration & Management:-

Social Sciences:-

Anthropology including:-        

  •      Physical anthropology.

  •     Archeology

  •     Economics

  •     Statistics

  •     Political Science

  •     International Relations

  •     Psychology

  •     Philosophy

  •     Sociology

  •     Criminology

  •     Administrative sciences including

  •     Public Administration

  •     Library and Archival Sciences

  •     History

  •     Geography

  •     Religious Studies

  •     Education

  •     Law and Legislature

Arts & Humanities:-         

  •      Fine Arts

  •     Photography

  •     Recreational & performing arts, Music

  •     Physical Education and sports

  •     Languages and Literature

  •     Museology (Museum science)

  •     Journalism, Advertisement, mass communication 
Terms & Conditions


The following are the terms and conditions of the award of scholarship and the fellowship of the award is an acknowledgement of these obligations:

  • A scholar will not change the course of research study as specified in the letter of award without obtaining prior approval of the Executive Director, Higher Education Commission.  

  • A scholar will not to hold any other scholarship/stipend during this fellowship period.  

  • Placement letter/Acceptance letter must be from World top 200 universities as per QS World University Ranking. In case of placement in a Research Institute, it must be recognized and of international repute.

  • A change of university/institute during the study will only be admissible with the prior approval of the Executive Director, Higher Education Commission and with a letter of Acceptance from the Professor and the relevant authority of the new University where the Fellow intends to transfer. 

  • A scholar would obtain leave from his/her employer to join the foreign institution for study on full-time basis.  

  • A scholar is required to execute a bond with the university/institution of his/her employment to serve his/her parent department for 5 years subsequent to the completion of this fellowship.  

  • A scholar shall sign an agreement with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on behalf of the HEC on non-judicial (stamp) paper to the effect that in case the scholar fails to complete his/her research study, he/she will refund to the HEC the total amount spent on his/her studies by the HEC. 

  • In addition, a personal guarantee of a person of means on non-judicial (stamp) paper to the effect of ensuring the recovery in case of default would need to be furnished. 

  • Every document i.e. Deed of Agreement and other documents must be properly notarized, i.e. the document must be registered by the Notary Public maintained by him as Notary register and the signatures of the executants must be obtained on the register and the number of the registration must be mentioned along with the Notary Public stamp.  


At A Glance
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