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1000 Scholarships for studies in General Comprehensive Medicine in Cuba
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1000 Scholarships for studies in General Comprehensive Medicine in Cuba



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After the October 2005 earthquake, a large group of Cuban medical specialists joined hands with Pakistani medical professionals to extend support to the earthquake affected population of AJK and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Realizing the scarcity of qualified medical professional in Pakistan, the Cuban medical team suggested their government for providing medical training to the talented Pakistani youth. As a goodwill gesture, the Government of Republic of Cuba offered 1000 scholarships for Pakistani nationals for pursuing graduate studies in General Comprehensive Medicine (Equivalent to MBBS) in Cuba.

Government of Pakistan accepted the offer of Cuban Scholarships and directed Higher Education Commission to make the selection of the students

The duration of the scholarship program is 7 years. It is fully funded by the Government of Cuba, which includes tuition fees, books, free laundry, Halal food, lodging, health insurance, computers and other miscellaneous expenditures. The Government of Pakistan is responsible for making the travel arrangements of the students and their monthly stipend.






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Pakistan needs to focus on research in medicine and adopt preventive rather than curative measures in health care.

600 Pakistan students return from Cuba to spend summer vacation in Pakistan

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