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Indigenous Ph.D. Fellowship Program

HEC after the passage of the 18th Amendment and keeping in view the demand of the Provinces, the approval was solicited from the Government of Pakistan to revise its policy and distribute the remaining available slots as per provincial quota basis. This revision has been approved by the Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC), to incorporate the change in the selection process on its meeting held on July 29, 2011.

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ThumbnailPicture Size
Thumbnail Javaid Iqbal. A-036240 x 150
Thumbnail Aurang Zeb. P082240 x 150
Thumbnail Aziz-ur -Rehman. Ps2-179241 x 150
Thumbnail Anjum Murtaza. A-045240 x 150
Thumbnail amina.Ss-206241 x 152
Thumbnail Athar Hussain. Ss2-34241 x 151
Thumbnail Akhtar Hussain. E-001240 x 150
Thumbnail Arshad Mehmood Asif. Ss-017240 x 150
Thumbnail Amjad Ali. M-107240 x 152
Thumbnail ahmad Bilal. A067241 x 150
Thumbnail Agha Zeeshan Mirza. Ps2-249240 x 150
Thumbnail Abdul Majid. Be2-074240 x 151
Thumbnail Irum Nawaz Awan. Ls2-034240 x 150
Thumbnail Iqbal hussain. LS2-178241 x 152
Thumbnail Hussain Gulab. Ps2-293240 x 151
Thumbnail Zehra Manzoor. Ls2-128241 x 140
Thumbnail Zia-ur-Rehman. Eg-224241 x 140
Thumbnail Hajra Sadia. B-041240 x 150
Thumbnail Usman Ali Ashiq. Ls2-271239 x 140
Thumbnail Usman Ali. M-111242 x 139
Thumbnail Zaheer Abbas. Ps3-048241 x 140
Thumbnail Zahid Raza. Ps3-013241 x 140
Thumbnail Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah. Mg-025240 x 150
Thumbnail Umber Sheikh. Ps2-008246 x 139
Thumbnail Syed Muhammad Ali.Eg-181246 x 141
Thumbnail Syed Tanveer Hussain Bukhari. C-026246 x 139
Thumbnail Shoukat Ali.Ss2-167241 x 141
Thumbnail sobia Sultana.M-053241 x 141
Thumbnail sumbul Khalid.B-007241 x 140
Thumbnail Syed Mehar Ali Shah. Ls2-017246 x 141
Thumbnail Shaista Zeb. P-037241 x 141
Thumbnail Shakeel Ahmed. E-023241 x 143
Thumbnail Shakir Ullah. Eg2-129241 x 141
Thumbnail sher baz khan.Ps3-323241 x 141
Thumbnail Shabnam Malik. Ps3-032240 x 150
Thumbnail Shaheen Nazir. Ps3-021240 x 150
Thumbnail Shahid Atiq. P-072241 x 149
Thumbnail Saleem Jan. Ps4-073241 x 140
Thumbnail Sardar Sikandar hayat. P-125240 x 138
Thumbnail Shabbir Ahmad Khan. P-149240 x 140
Thumbnail Saddam Hussain. Be2-148241 x 138
Thumbnail Saeed Ahmad Buzdar. P-119240 x 140
Thumbnail Sajjad Ahmad Khan. Ss-169241 x 140
Thumbnail Rehan Sadiq Sheikh. B-035241 x 143
Thumbnail Roshan Ali. Ls2-099241 x 141
Thumbnail Saadia Andleeb. Ls2-286241 x 142
Thumbnail Qaiser Imtiaz Gurmani. Ss-138240 x 150
Thumbnail Qaiser jabeen. MD-033240 x 141
Thumbnail Rashid Mahmood. A-050241 x 143
Thumbnail mudassar nazar. Ps4052241 x 151
Thumbnail Munir ahmad Bhinder. B-032241 x 146
Thumbnail Naeem Akram. Ss2-068241 x 146
Thumbnail Nasir Rehman. M-011240 x 150
Thumbnail Khalid mehmood Zia. Ps2-260240 x 152
Thumbnail m.asif.C-022241 x 152
Thumbnail M.atif. C041241 x 152
Thumbnail Aamir Nadeem. Cu-015240 x 150
Thumbnail Jawad Hassan. LS2-201241 x 151
Thumbnail Faraz anjum. Ss-202241 x 150
Thumbnail Hani Shaker. Ps3027240 x 151
Thumbnail Hamid Latif. P-079240 x 151
Thumbnail Ghiyas.P019240 x 151
Thumbnail fayyaz Asghar. Eg-040240 x 151
Thumbnail asma karim.Ls2-160241 x 150
Thumbnail Asma Maqbool. Ls2-163241 x 151
Thumbnail Faisal qadeer.Mg-042241 x 150
Thumbnail Asim shabbir. A-047241 x 151
Thumbnail Bahar Ullah Khattak. Ls2-311240 x 150
Thumbnail Faheem. Ps2-295240 x 151
Thumbnail Arshad Zaheer.Be2-083241 x 148
Thumbnail baber. A055241 x 152

Project Director
Indigenous PhD fellowship program
Human Resourse Development Division
Higher Education Commission
H-9, Islamabad

Office timings: 0800 AM to 4.00 PM
Visiting timings:1100 AM to 1300 AM
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