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Equivalence Degree Issuance
Equivalence Degree Issuance

Equivalence means that the studies undertaken in foreign educational institutions or degrees/diplomas obtained are regarded as equal to corresponding degrees/diplomas obtained in local educational institutions. To find similar and identical systems of education in various countries is very difficult but after having developed a mechanism of equivalence, the term implies that there is reasonable measure of similarity and commonality between the two courses of studies and recognition entitles its holder to rights enjoyed by those who have completed their degrees successfully at local institutions.

The Higher Education Commission is the sole regulatory body of higher education in Pakistan and in terms of Section 10 (1-o) of its Ordinance, the Commission is entrusted with the job to:

“Determine the equivalence and recognition of degrees, diplomas and certificates awarded by institutions within the country and abroad"

Equivalence & Accreditation Committee
The Equivalence & Accreditation Committee of HEC has been established in terms of Section 10 1(o) of its Ordinance No.L-III of 2002, comprising the Chairman HEC (Chairman of the Committee); Executive Director, HEC; Member HRD & SP, HEC; Chairman V.C’s Committee; Chairman, IBCC; Joint Educational Adviser representative of Ministry of Education; Adviser (Academics), HEC; Director General (A&C), HEC; and Director General (A&A) HEC as Member/Secretary.

The Equivalence & Accreditation Committee considers recognition of degrees/diplomas of local universities as well as equivalences of degrees/diplomas held from foreign universities vis-à-vis the degrees/diplomas of universities in Pakistan.

Minutes of 5th Meeting of Equivalence Committee.pdf

System and Procedure


Application form for foreign degrees
For obtaining equivalence of foreign degrees, please fill the online application form at the below link
Application form for local degrees 
For obtaining equivalence of local Pakistani Degrees, please download the 'E-01' form given below and fill it by hand. Attach all the mentioned documents with this form and visit HEC's offices in Islamabad/Lahore/Peshawar/Karachi/Quetta

Government of Pakistan, Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen, (1995). IBCC Book of Equivalences of Educational Qualifications in Pakistan, Islamabad. Guition, Jean, (1977). From Equivalence of Degree to Evaluation of Competence: Present Procedures and Practices, New Avenues, Paris, UNESCO. International Association of Universities, (1970). Methods of Establishing Equivalences between Degree and Disciplines, UNESCO, Paris. University Grants Commission (1988). A Guide to the Equivalence of Qualifications in Pakistan, Islamabad.

At A Glance
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Shabbir Baig

Deputy Director (Equivalence)

Attestation & Accredation

Email : sbaig@hec.gov.pk


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