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Tenure Track Statutes

The University's policy on appointments (including subsequent reappointments) and on promotions follows herewith. It expresses the institutional philosophy in these matters and describes the qualifications for the various ranks in terms of four major areas of consideration, together with indications of the relative important of these areas and possible sources of information for evaluations..

General Introduction

(a)   Ultimate decisions in matters of appointment and promotion in rank are made on the authority of the Senate. Initial recommendations, however, are made at the departmental level (or college level where colleges are not divided into departments), although a recommendation may be submitted by any member of the faculty. These recommendations are then reviewed by the administrative officers most directly involved and are forwarded with their recommendations to the Vice Chancellor of the University who transmits them to the Senate. Recommendations at the departmental level will be given most serious consideration in this procedure.

(b)   Recommendations for appointment also involve decisions regarding temporary or probationary status. The precise terms and conditions of every new appointment to the faculty shall be stated in writing and given to the faculty member before the appointment is made. In cases of reduction of the length of the probationary period, the matter should be clearly stated in writing and agreed to at the time of appointment. In the case of promotions of faculty members not already having tenure, tenure expectations may need to be considered, although the tenure decision is a separate matter. A copy of this statement of policy shall also he given to the faculty member before his appointment.

(c)   The University may make the following types of appointments of new faculty members:

i.     Temporary Appointments.

ii.     Tenure Track Appointments

(a)   First term Appointments.

(b)   Second term (Probationary) Appointments.

(c)    Tenured Appointments

(d)   Any graduate of the University shall not be eligible for appointment on tenure track in the same department of that University where he/she has obtained his/her terminal degree for at least 3 years following his/her graduation.


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Note: Persons Who are interested in the Tenure Track System (TTS) should apply directly to the concerned university with their Bio-data.  Higher Education Commission has no direct involvement, except for providing funds to the universities.

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