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Institutional Performance Evaluation Standards

The Higher Education Commission was established in 2002 by the Government of Pakistan to facilitate the development of indigenous universities to become centers of excellence for education, research and development. Through facilitating this process, the HEC intends to play its role in spearheading the building of a knowledge-based economy in Pakistan.

Since its establishment, the Higher Education Commission has undertaken a systematic process of implementation of the five-year (2002 -2007) agenda for reforms outlined in the HEC Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF), in which Access, Quality and Relevance are identified as the key components. To address these challenges a comprehensive strategy was outlined that identifies the core strategic aims for reform as (i) Faculty Development, (ii) Improving Access, (iii) Excellence in Learning and Research, and (iv) Relevance to National Priorities. These strategic aims are supported by well-integrated of cross-cutting themes for developing Leadership, Governance and Management, enhancing Quality Assessment and Accreditation, and Physical and Technological Infrastructure Development.

Higher Education Institutions ( HEIs) in the country will put efforts to getrecognition for maintaining and improving the academic quality from the Higher Education Commission by demonstrating that standards set by the HEC are being met and academic activities are also in accordance with the policies of the Commission. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) will develop and improve policies in order to further enhance the standards according to international practices and development.

The Higher Education Commission anticipates that Higher Education Institutions will work towards achieving excellence through continuous improvements in their quality and effectiveness. The Higher Education Commission has taken a significant initiative to improve the performance of HEIs and started up with primary step of outlining the Performance Evaluation Standards for the HEIs to be used for the purpose. A total of eleven standards are defined in this document and each one of these articulates a specific dimension of the institutional quality. Thus, all the eleven standards are equally important to be met by the HEIsto achieve the desired certification to quality provision in higher education, international visibility and significant place in the regional and international rankings of the higher education institutions.  

Various performance evaluation standards outlining major areas to be focused on by the HEIs for evaluation of their effectiveness and future development are given below:

  • Standard 1:            Mission Statement and Goals
  • Standard 2:            Planning and Evaluation
  • Standard 3:            Organization and Governance
  • Standard 4:            Integrity
  • Standard 5:            Faculty
  • Standard 6:            Students
  • Standard 7:            Institutional Resources                                  
  • Standard 8:            Academic Programmes and Curricula
  • Standard 9:            Public Disclosure and Transparency                 
  • Standard 10:          Assessment & Quality Assurance
  • Standard 11:          Student Support Services


 Download: Institutional Performance Evaluation Manual 


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