Result of Recruitment Test held on 16-17th July, 2016 for positions in BPS-17 to BPS-19 & equivalent

​​ Note:

  1. The minimum qualifying marks for test is 50%.  However the qualifying marks will be considered for further processing but not eligibility for interview. The eligibility of candidature will be determined on the basis of test score and criteria prescribed for the advertised post.
  2. Female candidates for the positions of Deputy Director (BPS-18) & Assistant Director (BPS-17) against the  Punjab Quota, will also be considered for Women Quota.
  3. Test score of the candidates for more than one position of the same category, will be considered for all applied positions of the same category. Moreover, merit will be determined separately for each position.

Select your Category, to view result by entering CNIC (with dashes) and Ticket Number.

Category - A​Director (BPS-19)/ Project Director/Program Director/Regional Coordinator (equivalent to BPS-19)
Category - B​Dy. Director (BPS-18) / Technical Monitoring Officer (equivalent to BPS-18)
Category - C​Account Officer/ Accounts Manager (equivalent to BPS-17)
Category - D​Assistant Director/ Project Manager/Assistant Project Director/Project Officer (equivalent to BPS-17


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