Eligibility Criteria

A. Unemployed, Pakistani/AJK nationals (not over 45 years of age).

B. Holding PhD degrees from HEC recognised Foreign/Pakistani Universities (acquired within the past 4 years at the time of submission of application).

C. Preference will be given to those who have recently completed their PhD or will complete their doctorate within four months of the date of application.

D. Scholars are eligible to apply for the programme after completion of their PhD degree and

provision of a duly attested PhD degree with the following conditions:

    i).   All HEC scholars (Indigenous & Foreign): Upon provision of a copy of their PhD degree, duly attested by a Gazetted Officer.

    ii).  Non-HEC Indigenous scholars: Upon provision of "HEC Attested" copy of PhD degrees.

   iii).  Non-HEC Foreign scholars: Upon provision of Equivalence Certificate of their PhD degrees from the HEC Equivalence Cell.      

E.  HEC Scholars are required to produce NOC from their concerned scholarship section, prior to applying for IPFP.