PhD Data Bank

Higher Education Commission ( HEC)has established an e-portal to gather the information about the Pakistani PhD degree holders. The portal was launched in August 2018.

One of basic aim of this HEC initiative is providing guidance to those PhD degree holders who are unable to attain appropriate job after their terminal degree by conducting workshops on capacity building in following areas:

  • How to grab job opportunities in Pakistan.
  • How to create professional and effective resume and job application.
  • Preparing for job talk /interviews.

This initiative has dual benefit one to existing unemployed PhDs by providing them guidance how to capture appropriate job in market  and secondly provision of disciplinary trends of national job availability  to prospective students before opting subject for PhD study. It will also provide the detail of a total numbers of national and international PhD degree holders serving the country.

All PhD degree holders who attain their PhD degree either from local  or university abroad are encouraged to fill the data for record please.


  1.  Before filling the form, it is requested to please get PhD degree attested from HEC:
    • PhD degree holder from Pakistani Universities must be registered at Pakistan Country Directory (PCD) and their degree must be attested by HEC.
    • PhD degree holders from abroad must be getting HEC Equivalence Certificate.
  2. Only 'Submitted' applications at E Portal will be included in PhD database.
  3. In case of any query, please email to:  ​​​
  4. It is requested to please read the information available on website/ FAQs before generating any query. This section will response to only those queries that are relevant to this process  or for which information is not available at our webpage. Your corporation is appreciated in this regard.