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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please consider this page as the first resource for answers to queries about scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. If you do not find answers to your questions from the following, please send an email to


What is the eligibility for this scholarship?

Students, who have secured admission or expected to get admission and must be enrolled in First Semester in the relevant approved disciplines of participating universities/institutions for academic session Spring/Fall and can’t pursue their education because of financial constraints are eligible to apply.


Can I apply directly to Higher Education Commission?

HEC do not entertain direct applications. HEC only accepts applications through partner universities/institutions as mentioned in list on website/advertisement.


Which are the Selected Participating Universities/Institutions?

The detail of selected participating universities/institutions is available on the following link:


How do I obtain scholarship application form at partner universities/institutions?

The Financial Aid Offices (FAOs) or Students Resource Centers (SRCs) can be visited for obtaining scholarship application form or any relevant information pertaining to PAK-USAID Merit and Needs Based Scholarship Program. Furthermore, scholarship application form can be downloaded from the official web site of HEC ( Please click below link to download scholarship application form.


How do I register for universities/institutions Admission test(s)?

Regular admission process as per the university/institution criteria has to be followed. If the applicant meets the basic university/institution admission criteria, the university will consider the application and will issue the admission test slip.

Is there any scholarship application processing fee?
There is no scholarship application processing fee.

Can I submit application after the deadline?
Application after the university’s/institution’s deadline will not be entertained. Therefore, we encourage you to submit application well before the deadline in order to avoid any inconvenience.

If I get supporting documents in late will it negatively impact on my application?
Shortlisting for the scholarship awards is subject to the confidential criteria according to merit and financial assistance need. It is in your best interest to apply and submit all the required documents early. Please make sure that you strictly follow the deadline for the submission of scholarship application form along with the necessary supporting documents.

Does USAID funded Merit &Need Based Scholarship assist the students to study in USA?
This scholarship does not assist the students to study in any foreign university. US Need Based Scholarship program offers scholarships to the students who are going to be enrolled in any of the approved disciplines only in selected participating Pakistani Universities/institutions.

Does this scholarship provide any partial assistance to the students who are studying non-partner Pakistani Universities/Institutions?
This scholarship does not provide any partial assistance to the students who are studying in other Pakistani Universities/Institutions.

After getting scholarship, do I need to re-apply every year?
Once you selected under this scholarship program, you don’t need to apply again every year.

What kind of expenses are covered under this scholarship program?
Scholarship program covers full tuition fee for entire course (i.e. 02/03/3.5 Years Graduate & 04 Years Undergraduate courses). Scholarship also covers living expenses, cost of transportation, books and any other academic cost requirements of the student.

I am already availing financial assistance/scholarship from university/institution. Am I eligible for this scholarship?
No, the students already availing financial assistance/scholarship from universities/institutions are not eligible to apply.

Is it possible to transfer the awarded scholarship from selected University/Institution to other University/Institution?
As per provision, it’s not possible to transfer the scholarship from selected University/Institution to any other University/Institution.

I am a student from Balochistan, can I apply for the university/institution in Punjab or in any other province of Pakistan?
Yes. You can apply in any Partner University/institution located in any Province of Pakistan

What are the selection criteria?
For detailed selection criteria, please visit the official web site of HEC ( click below link for further detail.

Social Science is the broader field, what are the subjects covered in this discipline?
Detailed list of subjects covered under approved disciplines are available on the official web site of HEC (