Twelve Al-Azhar Scholarship offered by Government of Egypt for the academic year 2020-21

The Government of Arab Republic of Egypt is offering the Twelve Al-Azhar Scholarships, which are for the academic year 2020-21, cover all scientific, sharia and theoretical specialties and subject to the fulfillment of the respective requisite criteria by applicant.

Applications for the scholarship along with the educational record of the applicants shall directly be submitted to the Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt in Islamabad. Details regarding the conditions, rules for scholarship and application form are attached (PDF).


Submit your application directly to Donor. The dead line for submission of application is 30th September, 2020.


For Queries Contact the Donor directly on below mentioned email:

Al Azhar Al Sharif Islamic Research Academy, Egypt


Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Islamabad

Contact number: 051-2209072, 051-2209082, 051-2832133



Disclaimer: Higher Education Commission is NOT a Nominating/processing agency for this scholarship program. The role of HEC, Islamabad is only limited to circulating this program through its website for the general information of prospective Pakistani applicants.

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