Capacity Building Program for Research Journals and Publications for F.Y-2020-21

The Higher Education Commission is making persistent efforts on different avenues to uplift the research culture in Pakistan for which various efforts have been made by the Commission in the shape of promulgation of a comprehensive set of policies and regulations governing research journals in terms of their accreditation, monitoring, funding and capacity building of their editorials.

In order to continue such endeavors, a comprehensive Capacity Building Program for the Editorials of National Research Journals/QECs/ORICs has been chalked out for the year 2020-21. Salient features of the Program are delineated below;

  • To impart overall guidance about the publication process, editorial workflows, responsibilities of editorial offices, role of advisory boards and the process of selection of peer reviews using automated tools like Publons etc., and use of anti-plagiarism Software like Turnitin and iThenticate etc.

  • To Guide the Editors on how to improve the performance of editorial offices/editorial workflows in ensuring that only best quality research papers are published in their journals

  • To Equip the Editors with latest tools and techniques used globally to improve the international visibility and transparency of published research.

  • To give orientation on HEC journal recognition system and its parameters.

  • To give orientation regarding pre-requisites and procedures for getting the journals indexed with international indexing databases like Web of Science and Scopus, DOAJ etc.

  • To discuss on how to avoid unethical practices/publishing misconducts in scholarly communication and how to curb predatory practices on the part of authors, publishers and editors.

  • To guide them how to meet the requirements of International Anti-Predatory Agencies like "Committee on Publishing Ethics, COPE" and how to avoid enlistment in DOAJ removed list, Cabell's Predatory Reports and Bealls list etc.

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