Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine concerning study of foreign students in institutions of higher education

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Introduced by the Ministry of Education and Science Ukraine reveled that the requirements to institutions of higher education which train foreign citizens have been intensified. The following amendments have been incorporated in the policy:

  1. The higher education institutions of Ukraine offering admission to the foreign students will setup a structural unit for working with foreign citizens. The unit will responsible for issuance of invitation letter and ensure such students staying in Ukraine on legal grounds and availability of suitable residence to foreign students.
  2. in 2016, an online portal established for transparent admissions of foreign applicants
  3. Since 2019, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ukrainian State Center for International Education (USCIE) have introduced a free service for Foreign Students Study Pass ( ).
  4. Planned to create an electronic cabinet for a foreign applicant, the link will be indicated in the invitation to study as a QR code. The electronic cabinet will contain information in English, including the cost of training, a copy of the contract, details for training payment.
  5. Mandatory availability of Foreign currency accounts in higher education institutions and making available full information of the cost of training on the website of educational institution 

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