Six Week skill Based Summer Faculty Development Workshop
Workshop Content:
  • Teaching and Learning will include (a) Basics of Teaching and Learning, (b) Fundamental Instruction Techniques, (c) Lesson Planning, (d) Microteaching, (e) Being Engaging in the Classroom, (f) Student Learning, (g) Designing Curriculum and Course, (h) Student-Centered Learning Environment, (i) Teaching with Technology (j) Assessing and Evaluating (k) Field Trip.
  • Research will include (a) Defining Research and Aligning Impact, (b) Matching Innovative Ideas and Funding, (c) Writing Winning Research Proposals, (d) Research Design, (e) Analyzing Research Results, (f) Managing a Research Team, (g) Research Integrity, (h) Disseminating Research, and (i) Extending Research.
  • Academic Governance will include: (a) HEI Governance, (b) HEI Advancement, (c) Communication, (d) Self-Governance, and (e) Mentoring.

Lead Team:

Dr. Steve Burian, University of Utah, USA/Mehran University, Sindh, Pakistan

Dr. S. Zulfiqar Gilani, Consultant HEC (former VC University of Peshawar, and former Rector Foundation University, Islamabad)

Mr. Fida Hussain, DG, LID, HEC

Application Procedure

  • All full-time faculty of public and private universities are eligible to apply. However, preference will be given to those who have up to two (2) years of service. 
  • Interested candidates should complete the application available on  website:
  • Applicants from Private sector, if selected will be charges 50% of per head cost of the training.
  • The completed application must reach this office by June 17, 2019.
  • Incomplete or late applications will not be entertained.

 Acceptance and Registration

  • Candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria shall undertake an online placement test
  • The test results will be scaled, and the top 30 candidates will be accepted. However, preference will be given to faculty with up to two years of service.
  • Selected candidates will be informed through official email/eportal and shall have to register by the date given in the email.
  • Documents verification and institutional vetting will be required before final acceptance.


  • There shall be a non-refundable application fees of Rs. 2000/- only (Rupees two thousand only). The application fees can be deposited in HEC HBL account No.17427900133401.
  • The cost of the training will include room, board; and costs of training materials, field trip, and resource person honoraria etc.
  • However, the HEC will fully fund participants of public sector universities, while participants of private sector will have to pay 50% of the costs.
  • HEC will not bear any travel and daily allowance costs. 

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