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Romanian Government Scholarship 2024-25

The Higher Education Commission is pleased to share that the Romanian government offers scholarships to foreign citizens in different fields, except medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

Students can access the online platform at, via the apply for MPA Scholarship button, or directly at,

Each candidate will create an account on the StudyinRomania platform fill in the requested data and upload the required documents from 16th January 2024 to 16th March 2024.

The result of the scholarship will be announced by email around 15th July 2024 to every candidate who applied for the scholarship.

‚ÄčNote: It is the sole responsibility of the student(s) applying for any professional degree (Medical, Engineering, Nursing, Architecture, Law, Veterinary Medicine, etc.) to first get confirmed its accreditation from the respective Councils i.e. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council  (PMDC), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners (PCATP), Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC), Pakistan Technology Council, etc.


Students can apply directly to scholarships. There shall be no liability on the part of HEC, in any case.

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