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Scholarship opportunities at School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia university

SIPA scholarships are open to all incoming applicants regardless of citizenship.  SIPA scholarship awards are based on a combination of merit and financial need, and SIPA considers all admitted applicants for all applicable scholarships at the time of admission, provided that they indicate on their application for admission that they want to be considered for funding. The only requirement for most awards is to complete and submit the application for admission and all supporting materials by the appropriate deadline.

Most scholarships offered to admitted applicants in the two-year full-time programs are renewable so long as the recipient meets academic standards described in the initial notification of the award.

Scholarships are also available for students in the 12-month MPA-EPM and MPA-ESP programs, as well as the Executive MPA program; those funding decisions are made by the programs themselves.

SIPA's funding is made available from a number of sources, including gifts from many generous donors who want to help SIPA students succeed.

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