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IPFP Placement

Placement: IPFP Fellows will be encouraged to follow up on the information circulated by NAHE, and get in touch with public sector HEIs and public sector post-graduate colleges or public sector R&D organizations to identify potential host institutions.

a. Once the consent is received from a potential host institution followed by willingness of the concerned fellow(s), NAHE will issue placement offer to that IPFP Fellow(s).

b. IPFP Fellows will join the host institution within one month failing which placement offer will stand cancelled automatically.

c. As soon as HEC receives the joining report in original, it will process payment of monthly remuneration.

d. IPFP Fellows may not change their host institution without prior permission from the HEC as well as both host institutions.

Duration of IPFP Assignment: The duration of IPFP placement will be one year from the date of joining. The host institution may extend the affiliation as per their recruitment rules without any financial liability on the part of HEC.

a. IPFP Fellows may avail leave during the program as per leave rules of the host institution, with the approval of Host Institution under intimation to HEC. However, paid period cannot be extended beyond one year.

b. In case of emergency e.g., family leave or illness, the IPFP Fellow may obtain leave without pay, upon the recommendation of the faculty supervisor. Such leave will not be treated as part of the regular assignment period. However, the total paid period will remain the same i.e., one year.

Responsibilities of HEC: HEC will pay a fixed remuneration, currently fixed at PKR 100,000 per month for a period of 12 months from the date of joining to IPFP Fellows. The remuneration amount will be released in two tranches in favour of the head of the host institutions; the first tranche will be paid in advance upon receiving joining of the fellow for six month. The second tranche, covering the remaining six months, will be released upon receipt of satisfactory performance report from the host institution. The funds for the program will be provided from HEC's recurring budget head, “IPFP program".​