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Responsibilities of Host Institutions
Host institutions will accept IPFP Fellows on merit, and provide them with adequate office space, research facilities, access to laboratories, libraries, and other research facilities, and access to capacity enhancement programs and learning opportunities at par with those available to other faculty members.​
a. Timely Payments: Host institutions will release honorariums on a monthly basis, and all other payments in a timely manner.
​b. Opportunity for Regular Employment: Subject to availability of vacant positions at the department of placement of the IPFP Fellow, host institutions are required to advertise regular faculty positions during the term of the Fellowship, in order to provide an opportunity to the IPFP Fellows. IPFP Fellows will be eligible to apply and compete for regular faculty positions on merit as per the recruitment rules of Host Institution.
​c. Mentoring: The host institution is responsible for appointing a senior faculty member as a mentor of each IPFP Fellow, in order to provide guidance on career related issues.
​d. Maintenance and Reporting of Records: The host institution will designate a focal point responsible for maintaining the updated records of IPFP Fellows. The focal point will be required to submit six-monthly performance reports along with expenditure utilization statements on IPFP Fellows to NAHE.
​e. In the Event of Termination: In the event of the premature termination of the contract, due to resignation, termination, or otherwise, the payment of honorariums will be stopped forthwith by the host institution and reported to NAHE. 
The appointment of an IPFP Fellow may be terminated during the contract period because of resignation, loss of funding support, or dismissal for just cause. "Just cause" includes poor performance, work-related misconduct, violation of university policies, or other serious reason as determined by the university. In case an IPFP Fellow is appointed to a faculty position or any other job during the Fellowship period, he/she would be allowed to leave the position on formal request to HEC.​​​