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Responsibilities of IPFP Fellows
​​The responsibilities of IPFP Fellows include, but are not limited to teaching undergraduate as well as graduate courses as assigned by the academic department concerned at the host institution. The teaching load should be less than that of full-time faculty members in order to allow them to sustain their research momentum. Currently, the expected teaching load is fixed at one course per semester.
a. Contribution to Host Institution: More generally, IPFP Fellows are expected to contribute actively to the academic mission of the university, in all three traditional areas, i.e., teaching, research, and service to the institution, and make meaningful contribution to the academic life of the host institution, including through participation in conferences, seminars, or workshops.
b. Research: IPFP Fellows are expected to be active researchers and submit their work for publication in academic journal articles or in the form of occasional papers, monographs, book chapters, or books, at a pace consistent with future tenure requirements.
c. Research Record: IPFP Fellows are expected to maintain a research log (e.g., a laboratory notebook and/or other comparable research records), which will remain the property of the host institution upon the termination of the Fellowship. The records should provide evidence of adherence to the research standards of the host institution, including, e.g., standards on research ethics (especially with regard to research on human subjects or living entities), use of hazardous substances (e.g., isotopes, chemicals, or infectious agents), and on use of published or unpublished material.
d. Professional Conduct: IPFP Fellows are expected to conform to the highest standards of academic conduct, including responsible conduct in research, teaching, and public behaviour, exhibit collegial conduct towards others, including members of their department, other faculty members, personnel of research laboratories, students, or other members of the academic community, and comply with all applicable university policies and applicable terms of sponsored support agreements.​