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National Faculty Development Program For Newly Inducted Faculty of HEI's


National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE), Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad designed a three weeks National Faculty Development Program (NFDP) for early career/newly inducted Lecturers/Assistant Professor of Public Sector HEIs of Pakistan.

National Faculty Development Program (NFDP) is a three-week learning program to accelerate the transfer of essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes in three dimensions of a successful career as a faculty member: (1) teaching and learning, (2) applied research, and (3) professional practice.


  • Inspire teachers to create effective teaching and learning environment that caters for the achievement of learning outcomes and needs of learners.
  • ​Equip new faculty members with the strategies and tools to overcome the challenges of learners and develop skills in lesson planning and delivery
  • Enable faculty members for utilizing conventional, virtual and blended modes of learning utilizing technology.
  • Provide a foundation and development plan for new faculty members to be involved in assessment and evaluation of students' learning
  • Advance a research culture for meeting  the societal development needs of tomorrow with rigorous and impactful research. 
  • Motivate novice faculty members to engage in life-long learning in the continuous pursuit of academic quality.


  1. Effective Learning
  2. ​Effective Teaching
  3. Course Design
  4. Lesson Planning
  5. Assessment & Evaluation
  6. Lesson Delivery
  7. Technology in classroom
  8. Learning Management System
  9. Grant Writing
  10. Publishing Research
  11. Launching Your Career
Selection Criteria
  • Nominee should be a full-time Regular/Permanent faculty member of Public Sector HEIs of Pakistan.
  • Nominee should not be serving more than two-year experiences as a ​faculty member of Public Sector HEIs of Pakistan.
  • Nominee should be 35 years of age on the date of closing.​

    Important Announcement for Newly Inducted Faculty of Public Sector HEI's

    Dear Nominees:

    Only those who are nominated by the Registrar's Office should Fill out the Nomination Form Click​ for the training program.​​​​​​​