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National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE)

​​​​​​​​​In June 2019, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan announced the launch of the National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE).

NAHE is established as a stand-alone, autonomous institution operating under the auspices of HEC to improve the quality of teaching, research and governance in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across Pakistan. It is envisioned as the premier institution for quality research and teaching related to all aspects of higher education in Pakistan. To this end, it aims to:
Provide a learning environment in which faculty, staff and participants can collaboratively develop, critically examine, preserve and share knowledge and values that constitute the discipline of education in its broadest sense.
Attract and serve individuals from diverse social, economic and ethnic backgrounds, with particular responsiveness to groups that have been underserved by higher education.
Prepare competent and caring educators and educational administrators who can balance content knowledge and practice with an understanding of the students and communities they serve, and develop professionally to become ethical and effective decision-makers and leaders.
Create members of a global community of teachers/scholars who conduct research and serve as educators, administrators, policy makers, and leaders in higher education.
In order to fulfil this mission, the Academy will provide multifaceted courses, workshops, certifications and degrees for HE faculty and staff at different stages of their careers. Whether general, need-based or customised, these offerings will address teaching practice, research methodology, administrative and leadership skills, educational management, as well as socio-culturally-/linguistically-specific topics and conventional professional development domains within the ambit of HE.
Conducting and promoting research on higher education will be an integral aspect of all NAHE's activities so that it can function as a dynamic and reflexive institution. This, in turn, will allow it to address the need to set benchmarks for quality across different spheres of academics and HEIs through evidence-based interventions and programmes.
NAHE will support the establishment of centres or programmes focusing on capacity building of faculty and management of HEIs by building strategic and sustainable partnerships with international HEIs. These connections will also strengthen educational technology capabilities, develop strong alumni networks and facilitate the formation and support of communities of practice for ongoing engagement and improvement.

Attention FPDP Alumni:


National Academy of Higher Education(NAHE) erstwhile Learning Innovation Division (LID), Higher Education Commission is conducting an impact study to assess the Impact of the Faculty Professional Development Program (FPDP) held at LID, HEC during the years 2004 to 2018. Your feedback will provide us with valuable information about the impact and effectiveness of this and similar programs. In this regard, an email is being sent to the FPDP Alumni.

We will appreciate your time and honesty in completing this form, as it will contribute to enhancing the quality of our training programs for the future. Please fill the form at earliest preferably before August 28, 2023.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

In case you have not received any such email, please send email to Ms. Nadra at


Important Announcement

Extension of "Call for Nomination" Deadline - PhD Supervisors' Capacity Building Program (2023)

​Dear HEI nominees for the PhD Supervisors' Capacity Building Program (2023),

We have an important announcement regarding the "Call for Nomination" for the program. Due to the significant number of requests received from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), the National Academy for Higher Education (NAHE) has made the decision to extend the nomination deadline.
The new deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, 2nd June 2023, at 23:59 PM.
We kindly request all desired applicants to promptly fill in the nomination form and actively participate in the nomination process. Your timely involvement is essential in ensuring a comprehensive representation of deserving individuals in the program.
To submit your nomination, please access the nomination form on our website and complete it before the revised deadline. It is crucial that you adhere to the extended timeline to ensure your candidacy is duly considered.

Call for Nomination (LINK)

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Should you have any further inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wajiha Hasan
Deputy Director
National Academy of Higher Education

Mayida Usman
Assistant Director
National Academy of Higher Education

​​​​Important Announcement for NAHE and LID Alumni

Dear alumni of NAHE/LID:

The National Academy of Higher Education was [re]established in June 2019 and is developing a database of all NAHE/Learning Innovation Division alumni for the purpose of building networks an​​​d institutional memory. We invite you to share your information by filling this form to maintain an updated database and gain valuable insights, recommendations, and reflections, which will help us improve the quality and effectiveness of our upcoming programs and activities.​