National Forum 2016 on Higher Education in Pakistan

 National Forum 2016 on Higher Education in Pakistan @ Islamabad , Islamabad Capital Territory

Higher Education Commission
Sector H-9, East Service Road، Service Rd E، Islamabad, Pakistan
19-10-2016 - 19-10-2016
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 The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is organizing this National Forum on Higher Education in collaboration with PEP Foundation

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​The world has changed, and continues to change, at unparalleled speeds. Education and skills requirements for the future will have completely new dimensions, and global education systems will need to adapt quickly to equip the worlds' young people for the new demands.  It is time to rethink education systems, the stakeholders and the foundational concepts. We must ask ourselves some critical questions.

In an age where Information is already accessible at everyone's fingertips, it is likely that we will have access to a level of technical knowledge that we cannot conceive. We will all have to learn to differentiate between information and knowledge. Subjects such as math, science, languages and more, while still forming the basic foundation, can no longer be the sole focal point for education. 

Education Systems will be required to produce the six "C"s:

  • Critical / Analytical Thinkers: As more and more information becomes available at the click of a button, the ability to analyse, connect unrelated areas, and apply technical information to complex problems will become increasingly important. 
  • Creative Thinkers: In the cut paste world, originality and creativity will become increasingly rare. It will be important for education systems to nurture creativity, originality and the creation of new knowledge.
  • Collaborators: Complex problems will require multidisciplinary, cross sectorial thinking and collaborative working approaches. Teaching and learning styles need to change to embed this into the education system as early as possible. 
  • Continual Learners: The requirements of increasingly practical, technical skills when entering the job market, increased demand for work/life balance by millennials, a rapidly aging workforce without those skills and longer life spans will all mean that learning will need to be a lifelong process.
  • Citizens of the World: An increasingly complex world will require global citizens who will be able to understand the "big picture" and establish the foundations for new governance structures as borders collapse and physical resources become increasingly scarce. 
  • Compassion /Tolerance/Peace Keepers: The current violence in the world more than ever reflects the absolute need for compassion and peace to be embedded into all education systems. 

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is organizing this National Forum on Higher Education in collaboration with PEP Foundation, Inc. on 19th October, 2016 at HEC, Islamabad. It will be composed of opening/ closing and interactive discussions resulting in tangible action plans for improvement in our Higher education institutions. The general layout of the event will be as follows:

9:00-9:30RegistrationHEC Managed
9:30-10:00Plenary Session

Welcome Addresses


10:00-12:00Break Out Sessions & tea Break out sessions on each theme – 6 facilitated breakout sessions
12:00-1:00Group PresentationsPresentations by each group on conclusions
2:00-4:00Break Out Sessions& teaSame groups, concrete action plans to be developed for implementation in HEC universities
4:00-5:00Presentation of action PlansPresentations by each group
5:00-5:30Closing SessionFacilitator- Wrap up and endorsement of implementation of action plans



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