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Financial Privileges
​​The Approved Supervisors of the HEC indigenous PhD scholars will be given the following financial support by the HEC subject to timely completion of activity:
      • A one-time payment of Rs. 50,000/- upon the Board of Advanced Studies and Research's approval of the PhD Synopsis
      • ​A one-time payment of Rs. 50,000/- upon completion of the PhD thesis writing, and sending for evaluation abroad
      • ​A one-time payment of Rs. 50,000/- upon completing the PhD/degree notification
Note: The above mentioned funds are paid to supervisors of HEC scholars to track the progress and timely completion of the PhD degree of the student. It is responsibility of the Supervisor to inform HEC immediately if student is not responding ( not in contact more than three months), unsatisfactory performance or any other violation found during study. The supervisor is meant to support the HEC scholar during entire stages of PhD like timely clearance of PhD comprehensive,  BASAR/ relevant board approval, submission of thesis and further to foreign evaluators, PhD completion notification etc. The supervisor is required to follow the student that He/she regularly submit the pre-requisite documents to Indigenous section. The supervisor honorarium is directly related to activity of student. In case of delay in response, or delay in completion of PhD degree, the HEC reserve the right to stop/withdraw the supervisor honorarium.​