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How to Apply

​​​​​​​​​​​​Before Applying please read followi​ng information:

  1. Read User Manual available at our webpage.
  2. There are two major categories of disciplines i.e. 1. Sciences & Technology 2.Social Sciences. Both categories have  a separate eligibility criteria that has been incorporated in process flow of applying at HEC E portal, therefore, system will allow to only those applicants who are meeting the eligibility criteria available on our webpage.
  3. The Applicants will be required to get attested their PhD degrees/ Equivalence Certificates before processing the application for 'HEC Approved Supervisor'. 
  4. The applicant must fill the correct HEC attested PhD degree ticket number/ HEC issued PhD Equivalence Certificate number in case of Foreign PhD degree. In case of any misrepresentation error found, HEC will not process the application further without any intimation.
  5. Publication detail at Common Profile should be auto filled.  System will not considered any publication that would be filled manually.
  6. Kindly use "Download button" to take print of the application form only.
  7. Send a postal copy of Application form along with PhD degree through proper channel to HEC on provided address within 30 days of application submission in the system.
  8. HEC will communicate mostly via email if required.
  9. The title of 'HEC Approved Supervisor' is valid for three years. After three years, it will be required to update the profile. HEC will re-evaluated the profile as per eligibility criteria.
  10. Regularly update the profile if there is any change.
  11. The Supervisors who have been titled as 'HEC Approved Supervisors' and their name is available in list of manually approved supervisors ( List at right navigation) , they just required to apply at HEC E​​portal. They do not need to send the hard copy of application form. However, whose names are not available, they need to forward the postal copy of application thorough proper channel even if previously approved.
  12. HEC will publish the names of only those 'HEC Approved Supervisors' on website whose period is valid i.e. 3 years and they have applied again via HEC E portal only.
  13. Mandatory documents that need to be uploaded i.e. CNIC copy, recent picture, Copy of HEC Attested PhD degree/ HEC Equivalence Certificate of PhD degree, covering letter size should not be exceeding 500MB each.
  14. Please note, there is no other way of applying for HEC Approved supervisor.
  15. All rules and regulations issued /communicated by HEC Quality Assurance division will equally  be applicable to 'HEC Approved Supervisors' along with entire serving PhD faculty.
  16. Since January 2017 HEC is not entertaining any manual/Old format applications. HEC will not further process such applications without any intimation t​o applicants.
Click on URL to apply for HEC Approve Supervisor:​

Important Notes

  • Always mention your assigned application ID before raising any query either telephonically or via email. HEC cannot entertain your request without application ID.
  • ​The process of application will be initiated after receipt of hard copy of application along with  PhD degree, HEC attested /equivalence certificate issued by HEC. No scanned copy will be entertained.
  • ​In case of incomplete application specially without PhD degree HEC Attested/Equivalence Certificate ( HEC/Non HEC Scholars both) will not be entertained and PMU will not take responsibility to communicate the deficiency, therefore, only those cases will be process further which are complete.
  • ​HEC is publishing names of Approved Supervisors periodically, therefore, it may take 15 days to be published at its webpage. Meanwhile, it is requested to please be wait, in case it is not published within 15 days of approval at E-Portal, please contact relevant PMU via email by stated application ID.​
  • ​Entire process takes certain period of time after submission of application. Your concerns are important for us but it is important that please do not send un-necessary emails/personal visit for updates. This will support in smooth functioning of programme.​
  • ​It is requested to please read the information available on website before generating any query. This section will response to ​only those queries​ for which information is not available at our webpage. Your corporation is appreciated in this regard.
  • ​In case of visit if it is unavoidable, please visit between 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. of five working days only. PMU is meant to support the faculty members but meanwhile it is requested to please do not take more than five minutes during personal visit. This kind of act will support in smooth functioning of the processes.​
  • ​PMU can not entertain the request for the use of official equipment specially laptop/computer on personal visit of faculty members, therefore,  do not insist in this regard.​
  • ​In case of any misrepresentation found in documents/information, HEC will take stern actions including legal action as well in this regard.​
  • ​It is encouraged to provide your feedback or further process improvements/ suggestions please.