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  • ‚ÄčThe supervisor must ensure that the scholar attends university/laboratory regularly, and is maintaining full-time status. They must report any significant inconsistencies to the HEC Indigenous PMU.
  • The supervisor is responsible for reporting the HEC Indigenous PMU when/if their student leaves the program for an employment opportunity.
  • The supervisor must inform the HEC of any changes in a scholar's proposed study plan that may extend his or her time of study
  • The supervisor is responsible for ensuring the timely completion of the scholar's PhD. To this end, they should make a study plan with their students, complete with a timeline of major goals, consistent with the HEC scholarship period (2 years for the MS and 3 years for the PhD).
  • The supervisor is also responsible for ensuring that the scholar, in keeping with their agreement with the HEC, is not employed while they are studying.
  • Supervisors of Indigenous scholars must ensure, consistent with HEC regulations, that they are physically enrolled on campus. The HEC does not allow distance learning for Indigenous Scholars.
  • Supervisors must ensure that scholars do not change their scholarship program (from Indigenous to foreign) without the approval of the HEC.
  • Supervisors must submit a profile to be published on the HEC website. This is a pre-requisite for dispersal of funds.
  • Supervisors must not advise scholars beyond the prescribed boundaries of the HEC.
  • Supervisors must ensure that their advisee recognizes the role of the HEC in their final PhD thesis.
  • Supervisors must support their advisees as they submit their Academic Progress Report and Funds Utilization Report to the HEC.
  • Supervisors must also extend their full cooperation to their scholars as they complete their PhD.
  • Supervisors are also expected to guide their scholars on matters of moral and personal growth (patience, self-confidence, and civic responsibility).