Terms & Conditions

​Appointment of the selected scholars will be made to the post of Assistant Professor-IPFP which is equivalent to the Assistant Professor of HEC Tenure Track System.


The pay package of the Assistant Professor will be PKR 130,000 per month (all Inclusive). This will be fully funded in case of public sector universities, while it will be 50% in case of listed private sector universities.

The appointment will be for a period of one year with no further extension.

A scholar will be rendered ineligible to reapply for IPFP, once he/she has been offered an IPFP position in any university and he/she refuses to join or leave before completion due to any reason.

The applicant will be required to obtain PhD degree at the time of applying .

It is mandatory that the university/department opted by the applicant under IPFP must have MS/MPhil/PhD programmes of that discipline and department must fulfil the minimum criteria of HEC Quality Assurance​​ Division to run MS/MPhil/PhD program for the placement of applicant.

During the period of one year, it is projected that the scholars will either get recruited by their host institution or find a regular position in some other institution.

Any Doctorate of a University shall not be eligible for appointment under IPFP in the same University, where he/she has obtained his/her PhD degree.