Recent Updates (Batch-V)

The candidates who have submitted deficiencies of their documents in the month of December-2019 or January-2020 will be issued funds in February-2020 upon successful scrutiny of their cases and clerance from HEC audit department.

The candidates who submitted their documents during July-Sep 2019 for award of Scholarship may be issued Award letters/ funds by December/31-January after thorough scrutiny of their documents and subject to the clearance of their cases from Indigenous Phase-II compliance section,Audit and Finance departments.

The candidates whose cases are not cleared or have major inconsistencies with regards to the award of scholarship will be informed on or before 31st-Jan-2020.

The candidates who had submitted documents before 30-June-2019 may be issued Award letters and funds by October/November 2019 subject to the timely reception of funds from GoP and clearance of their cases.

The deadline for Indigenous Scholarship Batch-V to receive queries/documents was 15th Sep 2019 which has already passed. After the deadline, no query pertaining to AEF review,extension in deadline, permission to submit the documents after deadline could be considered/evalauted or responded.

We are in process to advertise next batch of Indigenous Scholarship Program in coming months, candidates may apply again.

The candidates who have submitted applications/requests pertaining to Change of category after announcement of Indigenous Batch-V merit may get further update regarding their cases by contacting on follwing telephone No. during 3rd Apr- 8th Apr 2019.

Phone No. 051-90808093 (Between 3:00PM to 4:30PM)

The candidates Provisionally selected under Batch-V of Indigenous Scholarship may please note that Indigenous Scholarships are governed by the "Terms & Conditions" placed on this web-page where atleast 2 HEC approved supervisors must be available in the department for PhD studies under the Indigenous Scholarship. 

The cases of candidates only initially shortlisted (on account of University Change option) and have submitted their PhD details have gone through initial reviews by HEC authorities. After acquiring more information and addition into candidate's Profiles ,the cases have been processed for further evalaution and decision by HEC Competent authority. These candidates will be updated/informed soon after the decision is received by Indigenous Section.

The candidates selected on the basis of MS/M-Phil enrolled category but meanwhile they have completed their MS/MPhil degrees are required to submit their documents by 24-Jan-2019 so that their Scholarships for MS/MPhil may be processed accordingly. These candidates will be required to secure admission in PhD by 15th Sep 2019. 

The candidates selected against MS/MPhil Enrolled category & PhD Enrolled category who have to submit their documents by 24-Jan-2019 but their degrees are under attestation process at HEC may submit their remaining documents by the deadline alongwith attested copies of their degrees/transcripts by garde-17 or above gazetted office carrying a handwritten application(also attach proof/degree attestation receipt confirming their claim). Such candidates will make sure  to submit copies of their HEC attested degrees within two weeks after the deadline of 24-Jan-2019.

Merit List of Indigenous Phase-II Batch-V​ (Click here to view status)

Merit Criteria (Cut-off Score of Batch-V)​

List of Universities for MS/PhD Admissions​ (Scholarship award will only be Processed if the candidate provides the admission from any University mentioned in the list. Those who have enrolled their PhD in a university other than universities mentioned in the list are required to re-enroll in a university as per attached sheet).
Guidelines for Batch-V Provisionally Selected Candidates​

       Please Download Prescribed Formats here:

 The required documents complete in all respects must reach at following address  on or before the respective deadlines.

  Muhammad Zeeshan Saleem
   Project Director (Indigenous 5000​ Fellowships Phase-II)
   Room#104, HRD Building
   Higher Education Commission, Sector H-8,
Ph# 051-90808061

​​The candidates who have submitted their queries through claim forms by 19-Oct-2018 are under evalaution with their claims and they will be updated regarding outcome of their ​claims on or before 15-Nov-2018.

Many candidates have requested for recounting of their AEF. Their initially calculated AEF (at the time of application submission) is correct and such candidates may verify their AEF score through following AEF Calculator.

AEF Calculator​

Result of Queries Submitted through Claim Forms

  • Test for the applicants applied against Batch V has been conducted on September 08, 2018.
  • Result of the test has already been uploaded on HEC website. Currently, the Merit list is under process and it will ​take due course of time to be finalized.
  • All queries related to change/mistake in category, AEF/Score, extra score ( for gold medal, above 70% marks, MBBS) and consideration of Score from previous HAT tests would be considered on  "Claim Form" which should reach on or before 19 October, 2018 in hard form alongwith hand written application to below mentioned address. No query or any sort of change will be entertained in any form other than below ​ "Claim Form" and/or after closing date.
  • Acceptance of Claim is subject to the approval of HEC higher authorities and final merit will mainly  be calculated on the basis of HAT conducted on 8th Sep 2018.
  • The applicants may contact at "" in case of  further issue /query.