Frequently Asked Questions

Q:- How can I avail the scholarship.

Ans. Indigenous Batch-VI scholarships are open till the deadlines announced by HEC on website.

Q:-While filling the education section my university department & degree program is not in the drop down box of the system ?

Ans: Please consult your university Focal person/ Registrar to register your degree program in Pakistan Qualification Register in HEC so that program may be included in the online portal.

Q:- I have sent number of emails to different HEC officials, no one is responding ?

Ans:- Correspondence regarding Indigenous 2020 advertisement & Application process will be addressed at


Please be informed email forwarded on email ID pasted above will only be responded in case of any query.


Q:-  How can I submit the application processing fee?

Ans:- Original online deposit slip /ATM Transfer Slip of Rs. 500/-(non-refundable) as application processing fee in favor of Director General Finance must be uploaded at HEC e-portal  at the time of applying and keep it for record please. Fee can be deposited through any bank in Account Number 1742-79001334-01 Habib Bank Limited.


Q:- What is the Process of Submission of Application?

Ans:- Applicant should fill  & submit Online Application at Hard copy of application form and pre-requisite documents are not required at this stage. Please keep in your record the application form and Original deposit slip. 


Q:- How can I Register at

Ans:- For users who have got their Degree Attested from HEC or already created common profile at HEC E portal, please use your existing User ID (CNIC Number) and Password to apply for the "Indigenous PhD Fellowship Program" at


Q:- I am already enrolled applicant , Can I apply for Indigenous scholarship.?

Ans:- HEC has invited applications in the following four (04) categories

  •         Master/Bachelors 16 years of education completed
  •         MS/MPhil enrolled (not before spring 2018)
  •         MS/MPhil completed
  •         PhD enrolled (not before spring 2018)

Q:- In which category should I apply?

Ans: - The status of study at the time of application submission . If applicant entered the wrong category and applicant shortlisted /provisionally offered will be rejected for further process.


Q:- Can I stop study after completion of MS/MPhil Study.

Ans:- No, It is required to complete PhD as well.

Q:- I am getting the message "Profile is already registered against User ID and primary Email". What does this mean?

Ans:- You are already registered at HEC with your user ID (CNIC Number) or Primary email address. Use Forgot Password link to access your Profile.


Q: - What is the Eligibility Criteria for this Scholarship?


     a) Pakistani/AJK National 

     b) For MS/MPhil/PhD, the candidates must have minimum of 16 years & 18 years of education respectively with no 3rd division or Grade D in any degree/certificate in the entire academic career.

    c) Candidates applying for direct PhD scholarships must have minimum CGPA 3.0(out of 4.0)/CGPA:3.75 (out of 5) in the semester system) or first division (in the annual system) in MS/MPhil/Equivalent degree is required along with the condition mentioned above in clause (b).

    d) Maximum age at the closing date of application.

i. 40 years for full-time regular faculty members of public sector university/DAIs and regular employee of the public sector/R&D organizations

ii. 35 years for all others.

e) The candidates who are already availing any other HEC/Government Scholarship/ previous batches awardees  are NOT eligible to apply. 

Q:-  What is the Last Date to Submit Application?

Ans:- Batch-VI scholarships are open till the deadlines announced on HEC website.

Q:- Can I request to consider my previous HAT score for this scholarship (Batch-VI)?

Ans:- Yes, such candidates will be required to submit a formal request to Indigenous section for consideration of previous HAT score (validity 2 years). The request must be submitted to Indigenous Phase-II section within 2 weeks after conduction of HAT test for current Indigenous Phase-II scholarships (Batch-VI), alongwith following documents

i) Image/photocopy of previous HAT score alongwith its date of conduction.  


Q: -  Is this scholarship meant for only Ph.D?

Ans:-  Applicant's who have completed 16 years of education can apply for this Scholarship. This scholarship is also for MS/MPhil Program, however he/she has to do PhD eventually.


Q:-  I am enrolled in MS/M.Phil /PHD Program, how can I avail this opportunity ?

Ans:-      Applicant who is enrolled in MS/M.Phil /PhD program ( on or after Spring 2018) and is at any stage of study can apply. The applicant will apply in their listed Category as per their study  status /stage.  

Q:- Can a student enrolled in MS leading to PhD program can apply for the scholarship?

Ans:-  No,  Applicant must complete the entire requirements of MS/ M.Phil. Program and the university shall award the student MS/ M.Phil. degree before he/ she enter into PhD Program.    


Q: -  Can Screenshot/Manual filled form is acceptable for HEC?

Ans:-  Hard copy of documents are not required at this stage.

Q: -  Can I change my Application Category after submitting my online Application on form?

Ans:- No, HEC will consider only online filled data/Information submitted by the applicant. HEC will not Consider/entertain any request for the Change of Category.


Q: - I am already availing HEC/ Government of Pakistan scholarship, can I apply for this Scholarship Scheme?

Ans:- An applicant who is already availing HEC PM Fee Reimbursement can apply. However, at the time of provisional offer from indigenous section, they will have to submit unconditional NOC/clearance certificate from the relevant section/department.


Q: -  I am banned by HEC to apply for any Scholarship for a  period of One year, Can I apply for this scholarship?

Ans:- An applicant whose ban period is going to end before  April 18, 2020 is eligible to apply.


Q: -  What is the percentage  of provinces in scholarship distribution?

Ans:- Federal Government defined Provincial Quota approved by ECNEC in the PC-1 of the project will be observed for the Scholarship distribution.


Q: -  I have cleared GAT General Test from NTS , Can I avail this opportunity?

Ans:- NTS GAT test is not required and will not be considered for this Scholarship.

HEC will schedule  a separate test for prospective eligible candidates on specific date after advertising for new intake. 


Q:- I have already clear test taken by HEC for Indigenous batch-III and other scholarships schemes, either that test score will be considered?

Ans:- Yes, HAT test scores are valid for two years. The applicant can appear for the test for improvement. However, HEC will considered the best valid score only for merit process, for this purpose the candidate is required to request HEC for consideration of his/his previous HAT score.The request must reach in HEC within 1 week after conduction of HAT test of respective Program/Batch for which candidate has submitted the application.


Q: -  I am disabled Applicant how can I avail this opportunity ?

Ans:- Government of Pakistan has  reserved  02% Quota under the scheme for disabled candidates subject to the condition  meeting the basic eligibility criteria & a separate merit cut points for them. Scholarship will be awarded under three basic types of disabilities as defined by Government of Pakistan .i.e. Vision Loss, Hearing Loss, and Physical Loss which is further subdivided into two categories as Mild and Moderate level disability; which will be confirmed with the provided medical certificate issued by the concerned authority.


Q:- Either disable applicants are exempted from test?

Ans:- No, however, HEC will be provide a helper during the test who will support in reading the text only.


Q: -  An application created by CNIC of any family member or friend other than applicant will be eligible?

Ans:-   No, Applicant has to create and submit application with his / her own CNIC number. Application created by using CNIC of other person will not be entertained in any case.


Q: -  I am enrolled in PhD program before Spring 2018 Semester, can I still apply/eligible for this Scholarship?

Ans:- Applicant who is enrolled before Spring 2018 Semester is not eligible to apply and will not be considered for this Scholarship.

Q:-  I got PhD admision before closing date of application for Indigenous Scholarship program, however I enrolled/joined classes after closing date of application. Can I apply in PhD enrolled category?

Ans:- Candidates willing to apply in MS/PhD enrolled category must be enrolled/joined classes before application  closing date of  Indigenous Scholarship.


Q: - A person with Grade D and 3rd Division in entire academic career can apply for this Scholarship?

Ans:- No, Academic Eligibility Criteria to apply for this scholarship is:

          "Candidate must have minimum of 16 years of education with no 3rd division or Grade D in degree/ certificate of entire academic career"

Q: -Can an overage person apply for the scheme?

Ans:-  NO, as per approved PC-1, there is no possibility of age relaxation in any case. Age criteria for this Scholarship is:

Maximum age at the closing date of application

i.        40 years for full time regular faculty members of public sector university/DAIs and regular employee of the public sector / R & D organizations.

ii.      35 years for all others.


Q: -Can employee apply for the Indigenous Program without informing their parent department?

Ans: Applicant has to apply through proper channel, however, advance copy of the application

can be forwarded to HEC. 


Q: - Does the applicant (who is the employee) needs to send the study leave with the application?

Ans: No, he can apply without study leave. However, it would be required on the final award of fellowship.  

Q:- Can any candidate who is provisionally selected for the scholarship and has not submitted his her documents for Final Award Letter can apply for any other HEC scholarship?

Yes, but he/she has to take prior permission from HEC. The request must reach in HEC atleast 3 working days before the closing date of application submission.

Q:- Can the candidates who have submitted their documents for Final award of Indigenous Scholarship can apply/avail anyother HEC scholarship?

Ans: No, such candidates have to proceed  with their Indigenous Scholarship as they have submitted their acceptance to scholarship and legal documents in HEC with their own will.However if HEC declares any specfic timeline to receive such withdrawal requests (through HEC website) ,such candidates have to take prior permission from HEC Indigenous Scholarship section for said purpose. 

Q:- When a candidate who has submitted his/her documents for Final award of Indigenous Scholarship can withdraw from the Provisional award letter?

Ans:The candidate must withdraw before approval of his/her Final award letter.For this he/she must submit a written request to HEC Indigenous Scholarship section. However, if Indigenous scholarship section declares any specific timeline to receive such withdrawal requests, the candidate must submit his/her withdrawal request within that specified timeline othewise HEC will reject his withdrawal request.

Q:-From which dates the scholarships will be applicable?

Ans.   The scholarship would be awarded/applicable from the date of approval of award from National Scholarship Management Committee (NSMC) or the Date of provision of Study Leave/Relieving order (in case of employee) whichever is later.   


Q: - Can a person avail two scholarships at a time?  

Ans.   No, only one Government/HEC Scholarship can be availed at a time.


Q:- Can a Scholar work/undertake any employment while taking HEC Scholarship ?

Ans.     No, the Scholar has to be a full time student and he/she cannot undertake any job. In case of employee he/she has to take study leave for the duration of his/her studies.

Q:-  Can a scholar quit his/her studies before completion?

Ans.     No, the scholarship is meant for PhD studies, and scholars are required to complete their respective PhD Programs.

Q:- Can a scholar freeze a semester?

Ans.     No, semester freezing is not allowed. Such request can be considered only on the Medical Grounds Or on case to case basis keeping in view the genuity of matter.


 Q:-What are the terms and conditions of scholarship award?

  • An awardee will not change the course of study specified by the awardee on the Application Form or in the Letter of Award without obtaining prior approval of the Higher Education Commission.
  • Fresh awardee must take/get admission in the Universities mentioned in the list of Universities
  • Already enrolled Scholars in PhD program must be a regular PhD student in the Institute and must be conducting studies under the Supervision of an HEC Approved PhD Supervisor. And the number of PhD students enrolled with that supervisor should be below the maximum as specified by the HEC.
  • Change of University/Institute at any stage of studies is not encouraged but due to unavoidable circumstances will only be admissible on giving logical justification for prior approval of the Higher Education Commission and following the HEC SOP for change of University.
  • An awardee would obtain Study leave from his employer to join the institution for his study on full-time basis. This is mandatory requirement
  • An awardee has to sign a bond with the HEC/Government of Pakistan to serve in the country for 5 (five) years after completion of study, and preferably in the Higher Education Institution.
  • The Higher Education Commission would monitor the Academic progress/performance of the Awardee on quarterly basis and the financial utilization six monthly bases.
  • It is responsibility of scholars/supervisor/university to keep HEC updated about study status. The scholars will be encouraged to discuss their issues with Indigenous section as and when required.
  • The candidates who have submitted their documents in HEC for issunace of Final award letter cannot apply/avail for anyother HEC/government scholarship without prior permission of HEC.
  • The candidate while availing indigenous scholarship cannot apply/avail anyother scholarship without prior permission of HEC.
  • For detailed Terms & Conditions, Please visit Indigenous 5000 webpage.