Frequently Asked Questions

1.      I am resident of Balochistan, can I apply to this scholarship program?

Yes; the person having local/domicile certificate of Balochistan only, can apply to this scholarship program

2.      I am local/domicile holder of Balochistan but studied out of Balochistan throughout my academic career. Am I eligible to apply?

No. If an applicant does not possess minimum of two certificates/degrees (from Matric certificate till 16/18 years education) from an institute situated in Balochistan, the person would be considered as "In eligible".

3.      Who is Faculty member?

A person who is an employee of a public sector college/university as a teaching staff.

4.      I am teaching in a school, can I apply on Faculty quota?

No, you are not a faculty member of a university or college but you can apply on Open Merit.

5.      Who is "R&D Employee"?

A person who is involved in research activities, working in a public organization categorized as Research and Development Organization by the government.

6.      I am a Government servant, would I require No objection certificate (NOC) from the employer?

Yes, all Government servants would require to submit NOC from the employer, when required by the HEC.

7.      I have completed 16 years of education but my age is above 30 years, Am I eligible?

A person who has 16 years of education but he is neither a faculty member nor R&D employee, having age of more than 30 years at the closing date is ineligible to apply

8.      I am a Faculty member having 16 years of education, what is the age limit in my case?

A Faculty member of public sector university/college or an employee of public R&D organization has maximum age limit of 40 years.

9.      I have completed 18 years of education, but not a faculty or R&D employee, what is age limit to apply in this case?

A person who has completed MS/MPhil/ME comprising 18 years of education but he is not a faculty member or R&D employee can apply maximum up to 35 years of age.

10.  I have two 2nd divisions in my career. Am I eligible?

Yes, you are eligible. An applicant is considered to be ineligible if he/she has 3rd division i.e. less than 45% marks in his/her academic career.

11.  I am currently enrolled in MS, should I apply for direct PhD?

If your MS/MPhil is not completed till the closing date of application, you should apply as "MS Leading to PhD" candidate. You would be required to submit MS/MPhil details at later stage when required and shall be directed to take admission accordingly.

12.  I have 17 years equivalent Master's degree, Can I apply for PhD?

Yes, the candidate having Master degree equivalent to 17 years of education, could apply as PhD candidate.

13.  I have attempted final examination of my degree, but result won't be declared till the closing date? What should I do?

The education either 16 or 18 years degree would be considered as "Incomplete". Your degree must be a "Completed" degree, as declared by the university before the closing date of application.

14.  Would I be considered "Eligible", if I apply on "Hope Certificate"/assurance letter by the institute?

Your application would not be considered on such certificates. You should have minimum of 16 years education for MS Leading to PhD and 18 years of education in case of applying directly to PhD

15.  What minimum score, I would require to attain in Scholarship Test?

Minimum 50 marks are required to become eligible.

16.  I have completed my MBBS, but not registered with PMDC yet, am I eligible to apply?

You can apply to this scholarship however, you would be required to submit PMDC registration certificate at later stage, when required.

17.  I have completed my Engineering studies, but not registered with PEC yet, am I eligible to apply?

You can apply to this scholarship however, you would be required to submit PEC registration certificate at later stage, when required.

18.  I am currently enrolled in MS under HEC scholarship. Can I apply to Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan Scholarship?

No, a candidate availing any other HEC/Non-HEC scholarship is not eligible to apply.

19.  How the Merit Score will be calculated?

The candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be shortlisted on the basis of Test and Academic credential scores.

20.  Should I submit hard copy of application to HEC address?

No, you are not required to submit printed copy of application at this stage. However, later on HEC would ask you to submit requisite documents.​