Asia Cooperation Dialogue- Asia E University Scholarships

The scholarships are given to students from the ACD Member Countries who wish to study FULL TIME in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in AeU. TWO (2) Scholarship Awards, one for each level of study, covering full tuition fees to each of the ACD Member Countries.

Benefits of the programme / FINANCIAL COVERAGE

These scholarships ONLY covers the full tuition fees. Successful candidates will have to provide their own transportation and living expenses during their respective study period.

Field of Study

Applications other than below mentioned fields would be rejected

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Honors (BBA Hons, full-time)
  • Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology, Honors (BICT Hons, full-time)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA full-time)
  • Master in Management (MIM full-time)

Last Updated: 14-02-2020 17:31

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