Terms & Conditions

  1. HEC/CRBC has the right to select/reject the candidates for the scholarship program.
  2. HEC will obligate its awardees for full duration of their stay in Southeast University, China to strictly follow the Law of China, and their regulations pertaining to the implementation of the Masters programme, including the decisions of CRBC on placement, academic supervision, disbursement of scholarships (stipend etc.).
  3. HEC will bind its awardees to fully meet CRBC requirements with regard to timely reporting of address changes, study progress, illness, leave of absence and any other matter that CRBC needs to be informed of in order to ensure its continuous assistance to both the HEC and the students themselves.
  4. Upon a well-founded request from CRBC (e.g. because of unsatisfactory study progress, serious misconduct, or offending against CRBC regulations or Chinese Law) the HEC will drop awardees/scholarship will be cancelled and summon them back to Pakistan.
  5. HEC may conduct written test and interviews for shortlisting of applicants.