Financial Coverage

Scholarship Coverage and other Details:

  1. One-year Program
  2. Exempted fees: tuition and internship fees.
  3. On-campus accommodation.
  4. Living Allowance.
  5. One-off settlement subsidy after registration.
  6. Comprehensive medical insurance.
  7. A one-way air ticket to China upon registration and a one-way air ticket back from China to the student's home country after completion of the study.
  8. 15-20 students per class
  9. Academic year from September, 2020.All Courses offered above taught in English.
  10. Two-year Program (1+1 studies) Scholarship for the first academic year is the same as One-year Program. In the second academic year, students will do their thesis back in their home countries and the dissertation defense in China, while the scholarship will only cover one round-trip ticket for dissertation defense.