Programs Offered
The Master of 
Law (LL.M.) Program in Chinese Law
1 yearPeking UniversityThe Masters of Law (LL.M) program offered by Peking University Law School, focusing on Chinese civil and commercial law.
International Master of Public Health (IMPH) Program1 yearTsinghua 
The International Master of Public Health (IMPH) Program is aimed at building a new generation of global public health leaders in the developing world through the participation of recognized faculty and expertise from across Tsinghua University and partners around the world. These English taught courses are specifically designed for public health officials, disease prevention and control specialists and health program managers from developing and developed countries, with the fundamental purpose of improving the health conditions and achieving health equity in developing countries.

Master of 

Economic Cooperation


1 yearUniversity of International Business & EconomicsMIEC program of UIBE is designed for senior business officials, business diplomats and senior business managers who are experienced in business administration from developing countries. It aims to develop leaders and constructors of global economic governance structure, framers and executors of international business policies with global vision, and managers of international business and trade administration. Through this program, students can systematically grasp international economic cooperation theory, international economic policies and environment, development tendency of international economic cooperation and economic trade policy system in China.

Master of China Studies


1 year



MCS offers a one-year length Master of China Studies Degree under the 
framework of YES China Program. 
MCS-YES is designed to allow 
graduates to acquire the knowledge of modern Chinese Business, Media, policy, communication, culture and arts. Proficiency in mandarin Chinese is essential for anyone who wants to understand China. Alongside core classes the MCS will provide intensive language courses both elementary and intermediate levels.

LL.M-Program in 
International Economic Law


1 year

East China 
of Political 
Science and


The LL.M. Program in International 
Economic Law is an English-taught scholarship program hosted by the East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) in Shanghai, The program awards a Master's degree in law and provides opportunity of internship in the fields of international investment, international trade, or relevant Chinese law to promote students' abilities in dealing with legal issues concerning trade and investment in or with China.

MBA Program for 



1 yearSouth China University of TechnologyThis program is designed specifically for senior business personnel or senior management staff in education, scientific research institution or any 
related profession to learn about the 
Chinese patterns and strategies for business and industrial management, to produce references for business and industrial management, and to enhance skills and abilities for crating enterprises in developing countries.
Master of 
International Finance (AMIF) program (The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB))

2 Years



University of International Business & EconomicsThe Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Master of International Finance (AMIF) program is for senior governmental officials and senior business managers from the member country of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The program is focused to train policy makers and executors with global vision for 
regional cooperation, financial administrative talents to accelerate the integration of Asian economy, and entrepreneurs to promote the communication and cooperation within Asia.

Master's Program of 
One-Belt-Road Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (MOSI)


2 Years





English-taught MOSI is designed for senior civil servants of countries along "One Belt One Road", especially the senior officials in Ministry of Communications, Construction and Business, senior managers of related organizations and enterprises, and technical experts of universities and scientific research institutions. The program aims to train regional construction policy makers and executors with global strategy and the idea of sustainable development, as well as cultivate senior managers and high-tech talents of modern infrastructure construction.

Note: "1+1"studies refers to one year course study in China and one year dissertation composition in home countries. Dissertation defense will take place in China at the end of the study.