Question 1:  How can I apply for PMFRS?

Answer:   PMFRS Scheme is closed. HEC has completed the release of funds to all universities/colleges against registered students

Question 2: I had been enrolled in the university during the period when new intake under the Scheme was active but I did not registration on HEC portal. How can my Fee would be Reimbursed?

 Answer:     Students who are not registered with PMFRS scheme are not eligible

Question3: I received first instalment. How to register for subsequent semester Fee Reimbursement?

Answer:       Students are not required to register again for subsequent semester Fee Reimbursement. Focal person Universities/Post graduate Colleges are responsible for sending names to HEC

Question 4: I have completed my M.Sc. degree and received complete reimbursement for this degree. Now I am enrolled in the MS/MPhil program in the same university. How will I get the reimbursement of MS/MPhil degree?

Answer:   The new registration was closed in April 2018 and disbursement to all registered students has already been completed in June 2021. No further registration/reimbursement will be made.

Question 5   Is this a fully funded scholarship program or contains any monthly stipend/student's allowance?


  1. No. PMRS Scheme is not a scholarship program and does not offer any monthly stipend /student's allowance.
  2. On and Off Mandatory charges which includes Registration Fee/Enrolment Fee, Admission fee (For new admissions only), Examination Fee, Library charges(non-refundable), Laboratory charges, Research related academic activities only.
  3. Non-Study related heads like transport fee, hostel fee, Sports fee, Endowment Fund, Equipment Fee, Health Fee or Any Refundable dues will not be paid.

Question 6:   When will funds release to Universities/Colleges?

Answer:   HEC has completed the release of funds to all universities/colleges against the claims of universities/colleges for registered students under the Scheme. If you have not received the reimbursement, please contact the focal of your university.

Question 7:   When will I receive remaining Fee?

Answer Please contact focal person of your university for details.

Question 8:   I have received less amount as compare to my class fellows.

Answer: Please contact focal person of University for clarification and details. If university is unable           to resolve the issue, email on tfp@hec.gov.pk.


Question 9:   My reimbursement was due in FY 2019-2020 but I did not received any payment?

Answer: HEC has not received PMFRS budget for FY 2019-2020 from Government of Pakistan. Now, all pending funds of the year 2019-20 are released to the universities/colleges. You are requested to contact the focal person of your university/college for reimbursement.

Question 10: I have been reimbursed 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester fee but 1st semester was not reimbursed. Now University is asking my 1st semester fee.

Answer: You have registered in 2nd semester/2nd year of your study. Therefore, your semester prior study period will not be reimbursed. Reimbursement is made w.e.t student registration with PMFRS portal not with date of  registration