Major Themes

1. Issues and Challenges of Developing Quality Assurance System, Standards and Policies

  • Aim and objective of QA existing policies
  • Capacity of individual quality assurance systems
  • Gap analysis
  • Determine the readiness of faculty or higher education systems
  • Challenges or limitations

2. Improving faculty quality: role of training and capacity building

  • What can we say about faculty quality and quality assurance
  • Major features of "Faculty Quality"
  • Identify the presence or absence of these major features among the faculty
  • Capacity building of faculty and evaluators
  • Lifelong learning skills
  • Learning cultures
  • Implementation strategy

3. Role of Quality Assurance in Teaching Excellence Framework

  • What are the necessary arrangements to ensure teaching excellence at HEIs

4. Role of Quality Assurance in Research Excellence Framework

  • Improving research quality for possibility of increase sponsored research
  • Increasing research collaborations

5. Role of accreditation bodies and accreditation parameters

  • Institutional accreditation
  • Role of Accreditation Councils and program accreditation
  • Country specific QA and Accreditation system
  • How councils are working and ways to improve

6. Ranking systems and performance of HEIs

  • Developing an effective ranking system
  • How rankings can be support local competition to ensure quality
  • Quality and research based ranking of HEI's of Pakistan