Frequently Asked Questions

​​Question: Can I write a textbook at the graduate or postgraduate level?

Answer: Yes. Textbooks can be written at both graduate and postgraduate levels on all topics (except Islamic study, Pak study, languages, history) of HEC approved curricula.

Question: Can I invite someone as co-author in writing a textbook? If so, what is the procedure of remuneration distribution?

Answer: Yes, a book can be written by more than one author (maximum three authors) . The sum of remuneration would be paid to principle author.

Question: Is there any provision for a second or revised edition in the scheme?

Answer: No. there is no provision for this in the scheme. The scheme accepts only fresh and original published textbook.

Question: What are the conditions for co-author?

​​Answer: There are same conditions for co-author as mentioned for author. It means, any writer who can be author may also be co-author.