Study of the Professional Needs of HEI's Faculty of Balochistan and KP through NAHE Regional Hubs

HEC has established two Regional Hubs of NAHE at HEC RC, Peshawar for KP and at BUITEMS, Quetta for Balochistan region. These Regional Hubs will help NAHE in ensuring high quality services to faculty and staff to further their professional development, collaborate for training and research purposes and to create a community of practice.

In this backdrop, to initiate activities at these Regional Hubs, NAHE has planned needs assessment of the faculty as well as management at HEIs in KPK and Balochistan. This strategic initiative will enable NAHE to plan capacity building activities to fill existing gaps identified by the stakeholders themselves.

In order to ensure that views of all stakeholders is received by NAHE we are adopting a two-pronged approach to data gathering. The first is to upload a survey link to the NAHE webpage and request faculty from HEIs to fill and submit it. Alongside this we are holding focus group discussions through a One Day Workshop at the newly set up NAHE Regional hubs centres in Quetta and Peshawar in the coming weeks.

The workshops will assist NAHE in capacity building needs assessment through focus groups discussions by augmenting the TNA survey administered prior to the workshop. Specific professional needs assessment of the HEIs are expected to come through this exercise followed by a further focus group of faculty members from public sector HEIs in the KP and Balochistan regions. The survey and discussions aim to cover the following areas in capacity building:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Research and research management
  3. Leadership, Governance, Administrative and Financial Management

Directors/Incharge of the QECs including Heads/Incharge of existing Professional Development Centres in the region will be invited to participate in the discussion.

The survey form is available at