Start-Up Research Grant Program (SRGP) is designed to assist the fresh PhD holders who are IPFP fellows to establish research facilities upon joining higher education institutions as faculty members. The program enables the newly appointed PhD faculty to setup basic research infrastructure to start research activities without delay. The program helps to engage both the faculty and students in research through provision of financial assistance and basic lab/experimental facilities.


  • Principal Investigator has only one chance to apply for the SRGP & incomplete application will not be entertained.
  • Faculty Members eligible to apply under SRGP are:
    • Fresh PhD degree holder joining on IPFP
    • Visiting faculty is not eligible to apply under SRGP
  • Joining Public Sector University/Institution or Private Sector University /Institution eligible for Public Funding (list is available on website).
  • A fresh PhD degree holder means a doctor having PhD degree completed within two years from the date of application for SRGP.

Experienced faculty members/researcher or Faculty of Private Institutions are not eligible for Government funding as well as visiting or short term faculty are not eligible for SRGP.