Eligibility Criteria

The program is open to the following:

i.       Faculty members working in HEC recognized public sector universities/DAIs may submit the application either to visit the foreign universities/institutions or to invite an expert or faculty member from foreign institution to Pakistan for above mentioned activities.

ii.       HEC for hiring experts/faculty members from foreign university/institution for above mentioned activities.

The visiting fellow must meet the following eligibility criteria:

i.        Must hold PhD degree (or equivalent) in the relevant field from HEC recognized universities/ institutes.

ii.       Must be employed as faculty member in HEC recognized university/ institute and must have at least three (03) year post-PhD experience.

iii.      Special waiver of PhD degree to the visiting fellow belonging to clinical medical sciences (who hold terminal degree of MRCP, FRCS or Diplomat American Board) and also to the professionals of Fine Arts, Architecture, Law, and Theatre disciplines with the condition that the fellow must have served as a faculty member in HEC recognized university or worked at reputable foreign organization at least for five (05) years.

iv       Must have good academic and publication record.

v.       Must have excellent verbal and written English language skills.

vi.      Aim to initiate or consolidate an on-going collaboration between both institutions based on the visit

vii.     Not already have received grant within the last two years. Even after two years, applications can be subjected to restrictions.


General eligibility criteria for the host:

i.         Must have the approval from the competent official or forum of the host institution to invite the visiting fellow.

ii.        Must hold a research/faculty position at the host institution.

iii.       Must guarantee having the needed capacities (e.g. working space) to accommodate the visiting fellow.

iv.       Must not have had a guest financed by this funding within the last two years.



The maximum duration of stay under the program is 4 weeks except for the academic sabbaticals which is for one semester.



The applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

•         Relevance of the aim and proposed work

•         Scientific quality of the proposed work

•         Research record and experience of the visiting fellow

•         Suitability of the host and the host institute

•         Complementarity of co-applicants (benefit for each co-applicant)

•         Potential for long-term collaboration