How to Apply

1.      Proposals must be prepared jointly by the visiting fellow and the host. Anyhow, the Pakistani co-applicant is legally responsible for the project and will submit application to HEC.

2.      Application, completed in all respects should reach HEC, via surface mail (courier), at least three months (90 days) prior to the visit/activity date.

3.      All supporting documentary evidences (as mentioned below) must be attached along with application form.

         i.       Complete research plan based on the mutually agreed activities

         ii.      CV along with publication list of visiting fellow

         iii.     CV of foreign/host collaborator

         iv.     Letter of confirmation (from director/dean) of the host institution

         v.      Letter of admission/confirmation of foreign institution (Academic Sabbatical)

         vi.     Copy of visiting fellow's last academic degree

         vii.     Three year post doctorate experience certificate

         viii.    Copy of the visiting fellow's passport

         ix.      Study leave from university for foreign visit

         x.       NOC from university for foreign visit

         xi.      Three (3) Economy class air fare Quotations

         xii.     A note to show why a visit is necessary as opposed to using electronic communication

         xiii.    Complete 2 sets of application form

4.      Late or incomplete applications will not be processed.

Download application form


  • The fund is not intended to support courses [such as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or other courses] which are not linked to a research program/ project as outlined in the application.
  • The purpose of the fund is not intended to support coursework towards obtaining Postgraduate degrees by staff registered at universities.
  • Any publication resulting must include the following acknowledgement: This publication is based on the research that has been supported in part by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.