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Eligibility Criteria

  • MS/M.Phill/Ph.D. students, enrolled in public sector universities of Pakistan are entitled to apply.
  • Student's Research synopsis/proposal should have been approved by the competent forum (Ethical Review Board / Advance Studies & Research Board / Directorate of Research etc.) in university.
  • Research supervisor of applicant should be HEC-approved (if not, he/she should get him/her-self approved from HEC  (https://
  • The applicant must apply at least 6 weeks prior to samples' analysis.
  • Students can apply for such lab tests, for which they do not have facility at their own university.
  • The applicant has to declare that he/she has not been funded for desired tests from any other funding agency.
  • Tests could only be performed from labs, which are either at public sector universities or public sector organizations.
  • Separate application(s) must be filed if tests are to be performed from more than one labs.
  • Maximum funding available for sample analysis to each applicant is Rs. 200,000/year (i.e. from 1st July to 30th June).
  • Supervisor has to endorse that the research synopsis/proposal is approved and the student has to report results of his/her research samples' analysis, in the research work.‚Äč