1.      Will there be a test for candidates of Ehsaas Scholarship?

            No, there will be no test for award of Ehsaas Scholarship.

2.      What is the eligibility criteria to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship? 

            Those students are eligible who:

  • are newly admitted in Fall-2021 session.
  • have secured admission on merit only. Merit means that the student has fulfilled the admission criteria of the institution in which he/she intends to study.
  • are enrolled in degree programmes allowed by HEC.
  • are under the age limit set by institution's regulations, i.e. the maximum age for eligibility of scholarship is the same as the maximum age for applying for admission in undergraduate programme at the respective higher education institution.
  • Students fulfilling criteria of need and provide authentic information required under the Project's policy.

3.      What documents are required to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office?

Following supporting documents are mandatory to be submitted to the Student Financial Aid Office of the respective university along the printout of Online Application Form:

  • Copy of CNIC / B.Form of the applicant
  • Copy of CNIC (Father, Mother/ Guardian)
  • Salary Slip / Income Certificate (Father/Guardian, Mother)
  • Copy of Latest Month's Utility Bills (if facility available) containing history of bills of last six months (Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Water)
  • Copy of Rent Agreement in case of a Rented House
  • Copies of Last Fee Receipts of Applicant and Siblings (If applicable)
  • Copies of Medical Bills/ expenditure related documents (if applicable)
  • One Passport-size Photograph of Applicant
  • Pictures of House (Front Elevation)

Note: Incomplete application form will be rejected/not considered for further scrutiny

4.      How to edit/correct the information if any mistake occurs while filling the Online Application Form and it is also submitted, e.g. error in Date of Birth, Age, Spelling Mistake, Income Amount, Expenditure info, etc.         

E-Application form once submitted is non-editable. Therefore, please fill it very carefully. Incase any mistake occurs ,  please take printout of the submitted online application form and make changes in printed form with signature of the applicant at the place of changes. Proof of changes is also required to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office (FAO) of your university. These marked changes will be entered by FAO staff in the Evaluation Sheet and that change will be considered final during the process of selection.

5.      Are students enrolled in Private Sector Universities eligible to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship?

Student enrolled in Private Universities / Institutions / Affiliated Campuses are not eligible to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship.

6.      I am a student of Government College / Affiliated College. Am I eligible to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship?

Students of Affiliated Colleges / Campuses (public/private) are NOT ELIGIBLE for       Ehsaas Scholarship.

7.      Are students of Evening Degree Programme / Distant Learning / Self Finance / Self Sustain Programme eligible to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship?

No, these students are not eligible for Ehsaas Scholarship.

8.      I am a student of 3-Year Bachelor's Degree / 2-Year Master's Degree Programme in a Public Sector University. Am I eligible to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship? 

Students of two-year post-higher secondary or equivalent programmes, two-year associate degree programmes, Master's and the nomenclature of BA/BSc programmes are not eligible for Ehsaas Scholarship.

9.      How to proceed further, if applicant's mother is deceased and her CNIC Number or CNIC Expiry Date is not available?          

The student can add CNIC details of his/her father, brother or sister.

10. If student's father is retired / jobless / laborer, which document will be attached as supporting document as proof of Family Income / Salary information, etc.?

  • If father is retired, please attach copy of Pension Book/Latest Bank  Statement.
  • If father is a laborer on daily wage / shopkeeper / private job, then attach undertaking of Income Certificate on minimum amount of stamp paper. In case of shopkeeper, please attach two pictures of the shop with Income Certificate.
  • If father's job is outside Pakistan, than Income Certificate should be in currency of the respective country.
  • If father is jobless or deceased and paternal or maternal relatives/ family friends, etc. are supporting applicant's family, then mention only the partial amount received by the applicant which he/she receives as a support. Do not mention full income of Guardian / Family Friends in the application form.

11. What is the Online Application Submission Process and how to apply?

Step-1: All eligible applicants / students may apply through Online Application Portal at http://ehsaas.hec.gov.pk

Step-2: Completed Forms (Hard Copy) along with necessary Supporting Documents should be submitted to Financial Aid Office of the respective university for further scrutiny process.

12. Is CNIC mandatory to apply online for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project?

If your age is 18 years, create Ehsaas Scholarship account with your own CNIC otherwise, your application will not be entertained. Do not use CNIC of your parents, siblings, friend etc.

13.  If I am less than 18 years and do not have CNIC, how can I apply online?

If your age is  less than 18 years , only then you can apply through your  B-Form.

14.   If I am 18 years and do not have CNIC, how can I apply online for Ehsaas UG Scholarship?

In case you are 18 years old and still  do not  have CNIC, please immediately apply for CNIC at NADRA  and then apply for the Ehsaas Scholarship.

15. If my application is Saved, and not Submitted, will it be considered?

Applications in the "Saved" mode will not be acceptable.

16. If I have applied for the Ehsaas Scholarship, who will receive hard copy of my application form?

Applicants are required to submit hard copies of their application form to the Financial Aid Office of the university. Please do not send hard copies to BISP/HEC

17. I have filled the Online Application Form. Can I submit hard copy of the Application Form to HEC / BISP?

            Please Do Not send hard copy of Application form directly to HEC or BISP.

18. Is awarded scholarship transferable to any other university?    

The awarded scholarship is non-transferable to any other university, academic degree programme and session.

19. What is the last date to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship?

November  30, 2021

20. If I am awarded the Ehsaas scholarship, what are the conditions for continuation of scholarship?

Scholarship funding shall continue for next semester/ year subject to the satisfactory academic performance and attendance in the class.

21. If hard copy of my application form has missing documentation, will I be considered for an interview by the university's selection panel?

            Incomplete application form in any respect will be rejected.

22. If  my account gets locked , what is the process to unlock it?

Click on "forget password "option. Your new password will be shared at  your email account on which you have registered/made Ehsaas account.

Further, Lodge your complaints at https://onlinehelp.hec.gov.pk/

23. If I have completed two years associate degree program and have now secured admission in 5th semester in any public sector university, am I eligible to apply for Ehsaas Scholarships?

No you are not eligible. Ehsaas Scholarships are only offered for regular 4-5 years undergraduate degree programs.