Frequently Asked Questions For Recognition of Foreign Qualifications in Pakistan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Recognition of Foreign Qualifications in Pakistan.

Higher Education Commission has launched paper-less online system for recognition of Foreign degrees in Pakistan and can be accessed at 

Section 1: How to Apply?

1.    How can I apply for recognition of Foreign degree /Foreign Equivalence?

          Filling of online application form available at

2.    What documents are required for recognition of Foreign degrees?

Following scanned documents need to be uploaded in "Upload" section of the online application form:

  1. CNIC (front and back side) in case of Pakistani national/Passport in case of foreign national.
  2. Original degree for which equivalence is required (other than English Version, its translation from concerned University/Embassy or NUML), (front and back side)
  3. Year-wise  original Transcript or Diploma Supplement or Graduation Statement/Record of study indicating date of admission and completion of degree (other than English Version, its translation from concerned University/Embassy or NUML) (front and back side)
  4. passport indicating visa, entry and exit in respective country for study duration only or residence cards, alien card or e-visa.
  5. Original Fee Challan (paid)

3.    What is the fee for foreign degree/diploma/certificate equivalence?

Rs. 5000/- for each degree/diploma/certificate (non-refundable) and does not include the verification fee charged by some universities abroad.

4.    How can I pay the fee Challan? 

  • After submission of application at, Fee-Challan is auto generated with each application form & can be paid in any HBL branch in Pakistan or abroad and upload in your profile.

5.    Do I need an appointment/visit to submit my documents at HEC for equivalence?    

System is fully online and paper-less. Hence, there is no need to visit HEC Islamabad or send hardcopies of documents


6.    What are the requirements for final Equivalence letter?

As per policy, it is mandatory for the applicants to provide verification on genuineness of their degrees from respective foreign universities directly to HEC for receiving equivalence letter of their foreign degrees.

The verification of foreign degrees can be provided to HEC via

An email from official email ID of university  directly addressed to HEC at


Through a sealed envelope from the university


Direct fax from university's official Fax # to +9251-90400902


Retrieval of online verification from University website


Verification letter from Embassy (country of awarding university) addressed directly to HEC in a sealed envelope. Letters without sealed envelope are not accepted.

7.    My university is asking for verification fee, is it included in the required fee i.e. Rs. 5000/-?   

No, Rs. 5000 is the processing fee for each degree/diploma/certificate and does not include the verification fee charged by the university. Any other fee if required by University will be borne by applicant and can be paid directly to university.

8.    My graduation information is available online on university's website, is it acceptable? How can I share it with HEC?                 

Yes. At university's verification stage, click the "online verification link" button, it will open a box for you and you can paste your domain link in the box. (if it is not acceptable, you will be communicated via system or email).

9.    I received the verification letter in sealed envelope, but I mistakenly opened it. Is it acceptable?  

No. Letter is void, once seal is broken.

10. My university is asking HEC to write to them, what should I do?

For this, you need to send hand signed (digitally signed not accepted) "consent letter" addressed to university & copy of degree to with request to write to university.

Subject of email: request for verification of award, HEC application ID, your name, university name

Some of the universities charge "Fee for verification" which is borne by applicant, not HEC.

11. HEC can only access my information via HEDD. What should I do?

  1. Go to .
  2. Register your account

    Kindly use the format below when creating HEDD Account  
    1. First name (s): Your name
    2. Last name: Your surname
    3. Username/ email: Your email address
    4. Organization: HEC Pakistan
    5. Telephone: Your telephone
    6. Address: Your address
    7. Country: Pakistan

Then, you will receive instructions from HEDD on your registered email on how to process verification. At this stage, you need to provide HEDD your HEC reference number/application number which is generated online.

Once the verification is complete, the information will then be transferred to your registered email address and HEC, Pakistan.

12. My Chinese university is asking to go to or what should I do?

Applicants applying for Chinese degrees may contact their respective university/s or can go to or . After logging-in and providing the required details, you will receive a computerized report and same can be submitted to HEC for issuance of final equivalence letter.

If you have the report in advance, please upload it in "Other Documents" tab.

13. My US university is asking to go to National Clearing house, what should I do?

If your registrar office routes you to for degree verification, you need to register yourself at above link and select HEC, Pakistan as employer and put as desired email. National Clearing house will send an email to HEC and after receipt of email you will receive final equivalence letter.

Secondly, you may get a report from and same can be submitted to HEC.

Please note that National clearing house report has an order ID or transaction ID and you need to provide the same to HEC along with registered email at  for online verification of generated report. After verification of report, you will be issued final equivalence letter. ( each report has a specific timeline, so, send this to the required organization as soon as possible, otherwise, you may be required by to re-follow the process).

14. My Canadian university is asking to go to Auradata, what should I do?

If your registrar office routes you to, contact


15. I am not qualified for the award and unable to complete the education abroad and wish to continue the same in any Pakistani chartered university. Does HEC recognize incomplete qualification?      

No, HEC do not recognize an incomplete qualification, rather one can get "University Recognition Status letter" and submit to the admitting university.

16. What is the procedure for university status letter and what is the fee?              

Please write an application to Director (SAD), HEC H-9 Islamabad along with the proof of foreign qualification. There is no fee for this letter.

17. How may I know the status of my application?        

After receipt of online application at, you will receive system generated emails at each stage of application process and same can also be seen in your login.

18. How much process time does it take to finalize an application?

It depends on workload.

19. Is there any urgent process for getting Foreign degree equivalence?

No, there is no urgent process.

20. Can I collect my equivalence letter by hand? 

No, it is a paper-less process. So, there is no need to visit HEC as everything is processed online and letter can be downloaded online from portal login as well.

21. I have received the Equivalence letter but it does not mention my CGPA/grades. What should I do?

HEC determines only the level of education.

22. I want to apply for the admission in foreign university, how can I confirm the recognition status of the university by HEC?

To confirm the accreditation/recognition status of the university please search the required university on following website In addition to this, it is mandatory that the university must be recognized by the government of respective country.

23. Which Foreign Institutions are allowed to operate in Pakistan?                       

You may find approved lists of institutions in Pakistan offering degrees with foreign collaborations at

24. I want to get online education from a foreign chartered university, will HEC recognize that?       

HEC Policy on Distance /Virtual / On-line Education offered by the foreign Universities:

The issue regarding granting recognition to degrees awarded by the foreign universities through distance/ virtual/ online mode of study was discussed during 1st and 2nd Meeting of the HEC Equivalence and Accreditation Committee. The committee after long discussion finalized following policy for recognition of degrees awarded through virtual/online distance learning mode of study:

  • A university/institution accredited/chartered by a body which is recognized by the Higher Education Commission,


  • The university/institution has both on campus and distance education programs,

  • The degrees granted by the university/institution to students studying on campus or through distance education are indistinguishable.

In such cases both degrees will be treated at par"

25. I have lost my Equivalence Letter. How can I get another copy of the same and what is the fee?

For applicants who applied on old system i.e. on

Please write an application to the Director (Student Affairs division) stating all the details and attach copy of lost equivalence letter as well (if available).

The fee for Duplicate Equivalence letter is Rs. 500/- (non-refundable) and can be paid in HEC income account 17427900133401 (via online banking/mobile banking) or directly deposited in HBL bank.

For applicant's who've applied afresh on

It is a paper-less process and Final equivalence letter can be downloaded from your login at eservices portal.

26. My PhD degree title is different than my actual subject/research area or previous qualifications. Can HEC change the title of degrees?         

No, but you can contact "HEC Academics" Division for subject relevancy.


27. I have forgotten my password and cannot access the account?

Register complaint at

28. I am unable to login to my account, what should I do?         

Register complaint at

29. My university is not available into this list, what should I do?                   

To confirm the status of the university, please put up a query at

30. What is the university email required in online application form?

Please write the university's student services email ID. If you do not know, please go to your university's website to find one.

31. I want to change my registered email, what should I do?

     Register complaint at

32. I want to change my registered phone number, what should I do?

Register complaint at

For more queries, please lodge ticket at