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Merit Lists

​​The number of laptops which are to be distributed under this scheme is 100,000; whereas the students' enrolment​ at higher education institutions, and more importantly "eligible students" are large in numbers. Therefore, laptops will be awarded purely on Merit basis amongst the students. Eligible students at each distribution level or group shall follow inter se merit.

  • 50% of the reserved quota be allocated for distribution to students in 1st year following the inter se merit.
  • 20% provision for those studying in 2nd year of their 16 year undergraduate program meeting the following criteria.
  • 10% of allocated numbers to 3rd year students in Bachelor programs
  • 10% of allocated numbers to 4th year students in Bachelor programs or Masters (16 year education) 1st year (5% each if both exist)
  • 1​0% of allocated numbers to 5th year students in Bachelor programs or Masters (16 year education) 2nd year (5% each if both exist). In absence of both, 10% will be equally distributed to 3rd year and 4th year allocations.
  1. Students having secured 60% marks (for annual system) or 70% marks (for semester system) or equivalent CGPA/ GPA in Last examination shall only be considered for the Merit list.
  2.  CGPA/ GPA to Percentage conversion shall be governed by HEC defined formula.
  3.  Any leftover laptops from any distribution level (i.e. Academic level, Departmental, Campus, Institutional, or Provincial Allocation) may be adjusted as per the decision of Project Steering Committee.
  • Institutional Allocation= (Institutional enrolment) / (Total enrolment in public HEIs) = 3,848 / 500,000 × 65,000 laptops = 500 laptops  
  • Laptops Distribution Criteria for students studying in ICT and GCT Colleges:
  • The laptops under the Prime Minister's Laptop Scheme will be awarded on merit to talented students enrolled in Colleges operating under Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) and Government Technical Colleges / Government Vocational Colleges across Pakistan and AJ&K.
  • The latest academic performance in examination conducted by relevant board, will be considered for merit list generation.
  • Students enrolled in intermediate or degree programs in any of the degree or post-graduate college of ICT; and in case of GCTs, students enrolled in two year or three year DAE programs will be considered.
  • The total quota is 20,000  laptops i.e. 5,000 per year for four years of the scheme (i.e. 2014-15 through 2017-18)
  • The total number of laptops will be divided to all colleges of ICT and among all GCTs on the basis of number of applicants who apply under Prime Minister's Laptops Scheme, instead of enrollment.
Example: Applicants applied from the college in consideration/ Total No. of applicants applied x Annual Quota
Note: Colleges share shall be calculated separately for ICT and GCTs
Year wise proportionate allocation will be made as;​

Program 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
Degree 4-year50%20%15%15%
Degree/ Diploma 3-year
Intermediate/ Diploma 2-Year50%50%  

  • The top meritorious students against allocated quota of each department/ program will considered for award of laptops as per their respective quota  
  • Any leftover laptops will be adjusted amongst the students as per  following:-
  1. Students of the same college in order of academic performance in same Program level
  2. Students of the ICTs/ GCTs of same ICT/ province, in order of academic performance.  
  • The department/discipline wise allocation within college will be made on the basis of applications received.
Applicants applied from a department or discipline/ Total No. of applicants applied from within the college * Calculated Quota for the College
  • Where deemed necessary, minimum academic criteria requirement (i.e. 60% in last examinations conducted by Board/ University) would be relaxed, to accommodate maximum number of students.
  • No laptop will be issued to those who have availed this opportunity in any Government funded schemes.
  • The data of the applicants must be verified by Principal/ Vice Principal or his/ her designated official.
The eligibility for laptop award will also be determined at the time of distribution. If student(s) failed to produce the required documents and proof of academic performance, against the data which made him/ her qualified for laptop, he/ she shall not be awarded with laptop.