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Selection Procedure
  • ​​Once the student has applied online (before the deadline) through the HEC online portal at his/her application is received (of only eligible students as per the criteria defined at by the relevant focal person of the University the student selected. The Eligibility criteria is built into the System which can filter ineligible students accordingly.
  • The Focal Person of the relevant department (e.g. Physics) verifies the student data through their online focal person account, specifically, Name, CNIC, Department, Degree Level, Last exam percentage/ CGPA, etc. The sole responsibility of the verification rests with the University Focal Person
  • Any discrepancy found is amended accordingly by updating/ editing student data after obtaining student record from the University or from the Student themselves. The focal person, upon the nature of the application can disapprove or verify the student.
  • Each University is given their share of laptops based on a predefined quote as outlined at
  • Once the deadline for verification from HEC has expired the automated process is run on the System to generate merit lists for each University by HEC. The merit criteria can be found at
  • The Merit Lists are available online and can be viewed by the public at
  • The students may also check their individual status at
  • The following is an illustration of the entire process:​