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How to Apply

All applicants will be required to upload their CVs on the standard format in the HEC careers portal ( Application form is available (Click here to download)   Application must be endorsed by Chairman/Dean/ HoD of the foreign HEIs. Host institution (Pakistan) must provide the approval from the head of institutions (Vice Chancellor/Rector/President).

Proposals must be prepared jointly by the collaborating institutions. The host institution will submit application to HEC for processing.

The following documents must be provided along with the application:

  • Complete CV on HEC careers portal (
  • A copy of the DOU/MOU signed between collaborating institutions.
  • Complete visit plan based on the mutually agreed activities along with expected tangible outcomes.
  • Curriculum vitae of visiting fellow. 

The applications are accepted and processed on rolling basis. It is advisable to submit the application at least three months before the tentative visit dates. Late and incomplete application will not be entrained.

Purpose of the Visit (Foreign Faculty to Pakistan)

The purpose of visit may include but not limited to; 

  1. Expert advice on launch of new academic programs including in collaboration with foreign institutions.
  2. Guidance on the development of new curriculums or review the exiting curriculums.
  3. Guidance/help in developing new research proposals.
  4. Act as a resource person in short term training, or university specialized lab techniques, or review processes and procedures.
  5. Teach one or more courses.
  6. Organize conferences, workshops, seminars/talks. However, this cannot be the main activity.
  7. Build inter-university collaboration. 

Purpose of the Visit (Pakistani Faculty to Abroad)

The purpose of visit of Pakistani Faculty abroad may include may include but not limited to;       

  1. Develop appreciation and better understanding of foreign cultures, academic practices, academic standards, and academic institutions.
  2. Gain and practice newly acquired skills upon return to parent HEIs. These may include effective teaching skills, research skills, fundraising skills, skills relevant to campus internationalization, and skills relevant to student services ad campus management.
  3. Personal and professional development.
  4. Bring international perspectives and practices to classrooms.
  5. Learn about different education systems and assessment methods.
  6. Build an international network for joint collaborations.
  7. Introduced Pakistan academic perspective to foreign students and faculty members, serve as an informal ambassador of Pakistani academia in host institution.
  8. Promote soft image of Pakistan and deliver lecture on south Asian perspective with specific focus on Pakistan Role.
  9. Influence/encourage foreign students/faculty to visit Pakistan.
  10. Facilitate admission of Pakistani students to the host institution. ​