User Manul for Eportal of NRPU

  • Note: Following are the answer to frequently asked queries in respect of eportal issues.

    1.     If you are unable to find a degree program or a department in education tab; Please use "Search and Add Missing Degree Program" option to search or add a missing degree program in your education tab. The option is available in education tab of your profile. Alternatively, the list of focal person is available on HEC website

    2.     If an update in your turnitin index is not reflected in your application form; Please save the turnitin index before downloading the application form. In case of any issue, kindly let us know.

    3.     if there is a Maintenance page on site; Due to deployment we normally place a maintenance page and if you are logged in you may face some error. Kindly wait for 1 hour for deployment to end. Note that deployment is mostly done in non working hours.

    4.     if you face an error stating "Ask the network administrator...."; this is an idle session message; If you face any idle session message, kindly refresh your browser. Leaving a session idle for 20 minutes or more results in the time out message.

    5.     if you face an error stating "error 500" or "security error"; Kindly clear your browser cache and use the link and remove the left over part after .pk/.

    6.     Regarding the budget tab, there are two problems commonly faced by the applicants; First, when hitting "save and close" button throws some validations on the screen in case of any missing information which are highlighted in red color. Due to size of the tab; these red validations are often looked over. System will only save the information when it is complete. The second challenge is more technological, the idle server communication session time is set to 20 minutes, if there is no server communication in this time, the session expires . We understand the challenge and are working for the resolution. Let us give you a quick way around; please enter dummy values in the budget tab, complete it and save it. Now you will have the ability to enter the budget at your own pace. If you follow this approach, Please triple check your calculated budget before submitting the application.

    7.     Please double check all the calculations before submission of application

    8.     As a Project number is awarded on submission of an appliction; Applications once submitted cannot be changed​​