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DAI’s Granted NOC in Allied Health Sciences


Nishter Medical University, Multan12/6/2023Nishtar Medical University, Multani. BS Nursing ii. BS Anesthesia iii. BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics (HN&D) iv. BS Optometry v. BS Orthotics and Prosthetics vi. BS Renal Dialysis vii. BS Dental Technology viii. BS Gastroenterology
Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawar5/22/2023Landi Akhun Ahmad, Adjacent Attock Petroleum, Ring Road (Kohat Road-Hayatabad Link), Peshawari. BS Dental Technology ii. BS Health Technology iii. BS Radiology Technology iv. BS Surgical Technology v. BS Cardiology Technology vi. BS Optometry Technology vii. BS Anesthesia Technology
University of Lahore (UoL), Lahore4/13/2023The University of Lahore, 1-Km Defense Road, Lahorei. BS Anesthesia Technology ii. BS Dermatology Technology
The University of Faisalabad (TUF), Faisalabad8/28/2023The University of Faisalabad (TUF),Sargodha Road, Faisalabadi. BS Anesthesia Technology ii. BS Dermal Technology iii. BS Dental Technology
Women University, Swabi9/12/2023The Women University Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwai. BS Medical Lab Technology (MLT) ii. BS Medical Imaging Technology (MIT)
Ibadat International University, Pakpattan Campus11/24/2023Pakpattan Sahiwal Road, Pakpattan, Punjabi. BS- Medical Lab Technology ii. BS- Human Nutrition & Dietetics iii. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) iv. BS-Medical Ultrasound Technology v. BS- Radiography & Imaging Technology
Iqra University Chak Shehzad Campus, Islamabad9/12/2023Iqra University Chak Shahzad Campus, Park Road, Islamabad.i. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) ii. BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics iii. BS Anesthesia Technology iv. BS Medical Lab Technology v. BS Radiology Technology vi. BS Dental Technology
Al-hamd Islamic University, Quetta8/24/2023Alhamd Islamic University (AIU),Zarghoon Road, Quettai. BS Anesthesia Technology ii. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) iii. BS Medical Lab Technology (MLT) iv. BS Optometry Technology
Swat Campus of Iqra National University (INU), Peshawar9/25/2023Swat Campus of Iqra National University (INU), Peshawari. BS Anesthesia Technology ii. BS Surgical Technology iii. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) iv. BS (Dental Technology) v. BS (Radiology Technology/Medical Imaging Technology) vi. BS Medical Lab Technology (MLT)
Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan5/15/2023Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khani. BS Dental Technology ii. BS Medical Emergency Care Technology iii. BS Medical Laboratory Technology iv. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) v. BS Anaesthesia Technology vi. BS Medical Imaging Technology vii. BS Surgical Technology