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Kinnaird College for Women

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​​The MISSION of Kinnaird is to provide access to an education that is holistic, of quality and relevant to the context and time. An education that serves personal transformation develops leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, women who think independently, work cooperatively and act responsibly and courageously for social transformation. Women who are able to live according to the College oath:
"to live up to the trust placed in me, to willingly and conscientiously fulfill my responsibilities and to work with integrity and loyalty; to be rather than to seem".
The VISION for Kinnaird is to be a centre of excellence for the education of women in South Asia, by offering academic programs of international standards, engaging in research and service that serves development of new knowledge and ideas and promotes social responsibility and active citizenship. This is in recognition and continuation of the reputation the college has of being the most prominent and prestigious institution for women in Pakistan.
The name Kinnaird comes from Lady Mary Kinnaird who belonged to a titled family of Scotland. During the British period in India, certain British philanthropic enterprises, run by educated and sometimes very wealthy women from UK, worked for the education of women in India. Education was also a significant agenda for the family of Lady Kinnaird, who was politically involved with India.  Her husband and her son successively were Chairmen of the committee that spoke on Indian issues in the British parliament. The Kinnaird family raised financial support and even donated personal funds and thus the college evolved in 1913 from within Kinnaird High School which was already in existence. Today Kinnaird ranks as a premier institution of Pakistan for education of women, where over 2000 students are enrolled every year.
The college shifted to its present location in 1938 and is home to almost 5000 girls who study at the college. The beautifully laid out gardens provide a charming setting for the twenty acre campus.
Kinnaird College provides a range of academic programs in Sciences, Social Sciences, Literature and Liberal Arts. It provides the students an intellectually challenging learning environment where they interact, share ideas and voice different points of view. It is ensured that students not only gain knowledge but learn social and communication skills, values and attitudes of responsibility to themselves and the community.​
As well as providing excellent teaching facilities to students, Kinnaird adds an extra dimension by providing them an opportunity to become members of the student council, and the clubs and societies of the college. They participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities such as dramatics, sports, debates, musical programs, exhibitions, science fairs, statistical projects and panel discussions. These clubs and societies exemplify the diversity of interests and talents within the college community and help students to be creative, develop their confidence, take initiatives and be prepared for real life situations​​​


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93-Jail Road, Lahore.


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